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Another of the many theories that caught my eye is, of course, the theory of the ancient aliens, who laid the foundations for the development of today's society as we live it today.
Of course I read all the books from authors Zacharia Sitchin and Erich von Däniken, and this theme leans against the Easter Island theme.

The goods worshiped by the inhabitants of the "cradle of civilization", Mesopotamia, are actually "ancient astronauts" who came to Earth from the planet Nibiru to take reserves of gold and other ores and take them to their planet. This is the claim of Zacharia Sitchin, who called the "astronauts" Anunnaki after interpreting Sumerian records in his own way. Sitchcin never hid that he had no education to read Sumerian tiles, however, many believed his interpretations.

He says 50 Anunnaki landed on Earth 400,000 years ago, and after they got tired of digging for ore, they "created" workers - slaves. At the same time, they made a model of a man called "Adapa", whom we know today as Adam.
Sitchin claims that the Annunaki were present on Earth until they saw that humans were capable of living independently. The fact that humans were able to survive the ice age of the Annunaki was enough and they destroyed all traces of their existence and returned to Nibiru.

According to Sitchin's theory, their home planet orbits the Earth and goes through the solar system. Every 3600 years pass by the Earth, when a new 'renaissance at cyclical intervals' occurs regularly on Earth. He claimed that the planet Nibiru was 'very far and obscured by the sun', making it impossible to find it. It is allegedly orbiting the Earth in an elongated ellipse. He claims that it is for this reason that there is no evidence that he really exists.

Modern scientists have not supported Sitchin's theory because they say there is no evidence of the planet Nibiru. There is no evidence that humans were "created" by the Annunaki.

Sitchin, however, tried to prove his claims with the records of the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia, which left behind the depictions on the walls of buildings where people were drawing their deities. He points out that several of these images make it clear that people are worshiping the spacecraft. He also explained his theories in books he wrote exclusively on the subject of "ancient astronauts."
Erich von Däniken also has the theory that extraterrestrials had an influence on ancient civilizations. Von Däniken was terribly popular in the 1960s and 1970s after numerous television appearances. In his shows, he explained how the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and the sculptures of Moai in the Easter Islands were built by aliens, or passed on the necessary knowledge to humans. Since 40 years ago archaeologists did not know as much as they know today, Von Däniken could have argued that beings from other planets were "guilty" of everything. He strongly agreed with Sitchin's theory.

According to official science, the pyramids in Egypt were built for decades and were built by workers and slaves to their rulers for "going to another life." The Egyptian pyramids were built around the year 2650 and 2550 BC, and the method of constructing the pyramids in archeological science is still debated. There are numerous theories that refute the claim that man could not have made such impressive buildings by himself.
Von Däniken found evidence in hieroglyphics on the Giza pyramids and elsewhere that allegedly describe flying objects, ie. spacecraft. One of these drawings shows a circle from which it emits light, resembling a flying saucer. Below him is a man holding his hands in the air toward a flying object. Von Däniken says the Egyptians have thus described the departure of "ancient aliens" from Earth.
Historians, however, have explained that this 'sun disk' that Von Däniken claims to be flying saucers actually represents is the universal Sun god, Amon Ra. The gigantic size of kings seen on hieroglyphics stems from the fact that Pharaohs were believed to be descendants of gods and were therefore drawn in supernatural size. The main reason is not seen in aliens, but in the "fashion" of the period.
Moai statues could not be built by the Polynesians
As it was not clear enough in any way the statues of Moai were built in the Easter Islands, Von Däniken attributed this to "ancient aliens". He says the sculptures are buried too deep in the ground and too large for people to transport and build on their own, especially since there is almost no timber on the island that they can use. He also said that ancient civilizations made sculptures with "strange" faces because they depict aliens.

Easter Island, confirmed today, was settled by the Polynesians. The island is thousands of miles away from the Polynesian islands, as much as it is from South America, and it was incomprehensible to many theorists how they brought the material to build the statues. They say that they did not have enough big and sturdy ships for something like that.
Still, it turned out that residents found construction materials on the island. The theory now generally accepted is that with the construction of the Moai sculptures, the inhabitants cut down all the vegetation.

According to Sitchin and Von Däniken's theory, all religions also originate from aliens. Humans worshiped aliens because they could not understand their advanced technology in any other way...

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