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The Dogons are a very interesting tribe in Africa, who knew of the Sirius star before moderns science.


Dogons - Bandiagar, Tradition and Interpretation


Nebojsa Hafizovic: About 800,000 members of the Dogon people inhabit the southeastern part of Mali, in the Bandiagar desert. Forgotten in the Bandiagara Desert, the Dogons jealously guarded ancient traditions within closed tribal societies - the Hogons. Uninteresting to Christian pilgrims and outside the paths of Arab slave traders, they succeeded in that. It is quite rightly believed that the Dogons lived without contact with other people for 3,500 years, until the transition from the nineteenth to the now past century, when they began to be visited by Christian and Islamic missionaries.


Since 1931, the area has been under the rule of French colonizers as: "French Sudan", in relation to the "no man's land" occupied by the Germans, in the territory of the state that is still called: Sudan. That is why the first "misunderstanding" in the title of the anthropological work, which deals with the rich traditional culture of the Dogons from the Republic of Mali, is called: "One Sudanese system of Sirius". The work is presented in the book "African Worlds", which was published in 1950 by the French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen after a sixteen-year study stay among the Dogons.


The first misunderstanding is, therefore, a logical consequence of the change of the name of the state, which occurred after the publication of the paper.


The second "disagreement" is, however, much more serious and refers to a completely unfounded mention: "Sirius stars".

Anthropologists have recognized in the pictorial representation, from Dogon called "Oval of the World": the star Sirius, under the expression "Sigi tolo", and then their hitherto unseen companions Sirius - B ("Po tolo" or "Digitaria") and Sirius C (“Emma ya”).


However, the work did not attract the attention of the wider readership and the public. Only the book by Robert Temple - "The Secret of the Star Sirius" caused a world sensation.





Astronomers discovered a small star in orbit around Sirius in the 1970s, and Robert Temple took the astronomical discovery quite logically (from a cosmological point of view taken from French anthropologists) as a confirmation of the Dogon tradition. In 1976, a book was published for the first time, which to this day torments readers in 63 countries and in over 40 languages, trying to explain to them (in almost five hundred pages) the ancient Dogon tradition - from a cosmological aspect.


The wrong "first step" of French anthropologists led Robert Temple on the wrong path. Many followed them, admiring the non-existent vistas.


The truth is: The Dogons know nothing about Sirius.


However, the truth is much more incredible than the imagination of previous interpreters and of much greater importance for all of us.

Surrender - surrendered knowledge

Dogons transfer knowledge within two units, which they call: "External system of knowledge" and "Internal system of knowledge".


The "external system of knowledge" contains incredible knowledge of the solar system. The Dogons, namely, even then knew that the Sun revolved around its axis. The Earth revolves around itself and around the Sun, and the Moon, as they say: dead and dry, revolves around the Earth. They have a special name for each position of Venus in the sky, although they also mention its satellite, which was never found. They have knowledge of four Jupiter satellites and mention Saturn's ring.


That knowledge is evenly distributed among the tribes. Each of the Dogon tribes is familiar with the knowledge of one planet of the solar system, because they are: "distant stars from less influence on human life" - as the Dogons say.


The "internal system of knowledge" contains knowledge known to every tribe, because they are "essential for people's lives and their further development." Therefore, it is completely illogical that anthropologists approached the understanding of this work, the Dogon tradition, without changing the aspect. In a set of symbols, known as: "Oval of the World", they recognized - the star Sirius.


On one of the two ellipses of the "Oval of the World", Robert Temple placed the path of Sirius B.

Four types of chromosomes


A new aspect of the interpretation of the Dogon "Oval of the World" reveals: all four types of chromosomes, which exist in the living world - all living beings on the planet Earth.


The Dogons themselves took care to confirm the credibility of the biological point of view.


"Yourougou" is a symbol marked with the letter E, and according to Dogon:


"Yourougou" was left without a pair of arms, as one of the four Nomo tore them off and stole them. That's why God Amma got angry and made animals out of the rest. "


The biological aspect of the interpretation indicates that it is a symbol that represents: a telocentric chromosome. There is not a single telocentric chromosome in the human body - only animals have them.




Four RNAs


The remaining four symbols, designated as: B, H, F and B ', represent independent strands of RNA.




 By the saw ”= O =“ He represents creation in paradise ”.


Reader: "Don't you know about the soul, that there is no part of the body in which it does not reside".


 Rabbi Jude he-Hasid




If we look at the Dogon tradition instead of through a telescope, we look through a microscope, we get, of course, a diametrically different picture.


"Sirius B" - "Po tolo" - sperm


The change of aspect brings an understanding of what the Dogons call "Po tolo". "According to Tolo", as: "the smallest seed", which the Dogons compare to the smallest known seed of the Digitaria plant, is not "Sirius B star", as it has been interpreted from the previous cosmological aspect - but it represents: sperm.


Sperm is the smallest cell in the body. Dogons literally describe the sperm, when they compare it with the smallest seed of Digitaria known to them and say that it is: small, white, rotates on its way and is a symbol of its creation - the living world.


"Po tolo is a duplicate of the whole creation, of great importance for the renewal of the world." The statement gets its full meaning only from the biological aspect, when the statement represents something that we could call the definition of sperm, such as: "copies of the whole creation".


That is why "Po tolo" - that: "boundless tiny egg of the world" - "gives life to everything that exists by spreading". "It is very active", and its content, white and small as the seed of Digitaria, thrown out by swirling, spreads the germs of life, which it carries within itself "- say the Dogons. Therefore: "all souls, regardless of the final origin, first travel from" Po tolo "to" Emme ya "- a female being," to whom they transmit orders ", and" the person thus obtained, called: the life of the world - is created being".


The hitherto incomprehensible symbolism of the act of circumcision of a boy, aged 10 to 12, which connects the circumcision procedure with the beginning of the "orbiting of Sirius B", is not only understandable from a biological aspect, but also provides an explanation of the "orbital" period of fifty years. , how active the sperm is.


"Po tolo" begins its "orbiting" with the beginning of puberty, which is marked by the act of circumcision and lasts for fifty years as long as the reproductive ability of a healthy man.


"Thanks to 'Po tolu', the world is being renewed," say the Dogons. Celebrating this renewal with "Sigi" ceremonies, every sixty years. Ten years of childhood and fifty years of active "orbiting" "Po tola" - represent one life or one life cycle.


The symbolism of the seeds of Digitaria is simple and clear. Freed from the unnecessary and incorrect attribute of the "star", which is a consequence of the wrong cosmological aspect, it reveals all the "philosophy" as: sperm physiology and gives us an explanation of its relationship with the "female being" - "Emma ya", misunderstood as non-existent "Sirius C".



Much more important than ridicule is that the biological aspect of the interpretation of the Dogon "Inner System of Knowledge" makes clear and understandable the part of the tradition that speaks of: "two phases of the creation of the world."


The two phases include:


phase of action Ame i

the second phase, which is still going on, by the action of the "Po" grain.



The first phase of the creation of the world describes an event that from a modern perspective can be recognized as: genetic sampling. The Dogons say, "Part of this bead (Po) was found in a coffin built by the resurrected Nommo."


About the first phase in the creation of the world (living world), anthropologists recorded the following statement of Dogon: "By Tolo and" Sirius " where the Sun is now ”- that is, in the sky, but also that God Amma:“ performed an intervention on the part of the Po grain ”.


"By lowering the ark to Earth, the first phase of the creation of the world is complete."


Apart from genetic sampling and genetic engineering, the Dogons also testify to natural selection, as: "the second phase of creation, which still lasts" and which they say - "Further development continued by the action of the Po grain".


The fascinating testimony first speaks of genetic sampling and genetic intervention performed by intellectually advanced beings from the Cosmos. Dogons rightly (with all their fascinatingly true tradition) and objectively (without personal or collective interest) testify to: creation.


Natural selection: yes


Evolution: no - Dogons testify.




The biological aspect of the interpretation of the "Inner World" makes the ancient tradition understandable in the details that make up the logical whole and as such can hardly be reasonably disputed.

The tradition was written down, by eminent scientists, long enough before scientific discoveries confirmed the content.

They contain knowledge that could not have been known to our distant ancestors in any other way, except in the way they mention themselves.



We were created.


Intelligent beings or God?


If intelligent beings say: God - let us pray.

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