Knowledge Is a Currency Of The Universe



As an inspiration for Stevan Pesic to write this drama, he used an interview given by scientist Nikola Tesla for the journal Immortality in his laboratory in Colorado Springs.

The interview covers a variety of topics from nutrition to the Universe, and it would be quite ordinary if Tesla had not "abolished" time and space.

After such a "journey" the journalist will never be the same again, neither will we.


JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, you have gained the glory of a man who has become involved in cosmic processes. You recently scared good people by claiming that you can cut through the earth like an apple with a knife. Here in Colorado Springs you have created lightning; man has not done so far. The skies intersect with thousands of lightning and thousands of thunderstorms hitting mountain peaks. The ground trembles, and animals and birds flee in wild fear. Thank you for your kindness for agreeing to take shelter in this house; this is where I feel safe. My name is John Smith and I am a journalist in the Newsletter of Immortality. The editor of this list is Miss Emily Dickinson and the director is Mr Bolt Bitmen.

TESLA: Miss Dickinson is a poet whose poems I appreciate, and Mr. Bitman has a point of view that is very close to me. I read your newspaper regularly, and to make this conversation easier and faster we will eliminate time and space.

JOURNALIST: The miracle is here in the beginning! Who are you, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: That's the right question, Mr. Smith, and I'll do my best to give you the right answer.

JOURNALIST: They say that you are from the country of Croatia, from the area called Lika, where together with people trees, rock and starry sky grow. They say you do
home the village named after the mountain flowers, and that the house where you were born is next to a forest and a church.

TESLA: Indeed, everything is so.

JOURNALIST: The pillar of the house was her mother. She had golden hands. Her garden was the first to turn green, and her cereal was first to flourish. She weaved the whitest canvas and made the most beautiful embroidery in the end. She knew the weather by bird flight, and by the grass where the spring would come from. Before the storm, she thundered in the field of lightning needles, thus preventing accident and fire. The songs she listened to as a child, sang to her children, or invented new ones.
TESLA: She was sixty and jokingly tied three of her lashes. Isn't that wonderful?

JOURNALIST: It is amazing how certain people have parents who are somewhat like themselves.

TESLA: The seed of the plant must fall to suitable soil, and it should be watered, nurtured and waiting for it to sprout and leaf. So it is with every human being or human being.

JOURNALIST: Does that mean it's not always a sign that someone is human?

TESLA: I've convinced myself many times.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, one poet spoke of a spacecraft, which landed in Smiljan and left an honest village priest and his wife to leave a male child, whom they called Nikola.

TESLA: Poets interpret the phenomena of this world better than other people.

JOURNALIST: Before that would happen, a meteor, a beacon to a star ship, appeared over Lika.

TESLA: My father described it as a meteor. He calls it a radiant body of heaven.

JOURNALIST: If one child was born that way, aren't all children of heavenly origin?

TESLA: Vasiona was the cradle of the first people. Only those who would create and do something for the human race then came out of it.

JOURNALIST: What are the kids in that cradle?

TESLA: Billy Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, that guy Amadeus. Of course, there are more.

JOURNALIST: The first is a poet, a second painter and a scientist, a third composer.

TESLA: They are all just different manifestations of the same Spirit.

JOURNALIST: Did they also arrive on Earth by spacecraft?

TESLA: There were those who were pushed down. But don't worry about them. They are like cats: they are welcomed at least thrown from the last floor of the Waldorf-Astoria.

JOURNALIST: As we watched the lightning flashes and listened to the thunder of thunder, you said, "It's like in the 'Light of the Microcosm', when Lucifer heads into the Sky at the head of the millionth army! "

TESLA: Everyone was in love with Lucifer. Even the one that flew with his wings of wings did not resist him.

JOURNALIST: Is he from the cradle of the world too?

TESLA: Yes. I hear my Serbs are complaining something. What are they missing? They have Bishop and me, what is supreme on Earth: Poetry and Science.

JOURNALIST: Who are the Serbs, really?

TESLA: An intermediary tribe among nations, traders of solar energy on Earth. Their goods are going poorly today, so they are worried.

JOURNALIST: Let's go back to your life. You were educated in Graz, studied in Prague, served in Budapest and Paris. Then you go to America.

TESLA: America is the spiritual ground, that's why I came and stayed here. After the revolution, Lenin invited me to Russia, but I thanked and refused. The reason is not that I had any idea what was going to happen there. Russia is saturated with dark energies in the summertime that would interfere with my work. America is a bright spring morning.
JOURNALIST: I don't understand you, Mr. Tesla.

TESLA: There are places on this planet that are the source of negative spiritual energies, and those that are not. America is the end with positive energies (Jack987: it was at that time. Today, 110 years later, there is quite the opposite energy). Sometimes, at night, I see troops of May and Aztec marching through the roads of this country, rushing towards the cities with gates from the sun and moon. Those who now live breathe their air, drink the water they drank, eat the fruits they ate, and the same stars shine on them. From this crossroads a new race will be born. The future of the human race will emerge in America, then its temporary downfall. Behind this will come an age called the Golden. And that time will be temporary. (OPD 4th density ???)

JOURNALIST: Please explain that, Mr. Tesla.

TESLA: We leave the explanations to the readers of the Immortality Bulletin, Mr. Smith, and we continue our conversation.

JOURNALIST: You are supposed to have thousands of discoveries and inventions.

TESLA: It's possible, I forgot their number.

JOURNALIST: Futurists say that the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries were born from the head of Nikola Tesla. They celebrate the Reverse Magnetic Field and sing hymns to the Induccino Engine. They call their creator a hunter who caught Light from their depths in the Earth, and a warrior who captured Fire from Heaven. The father of Alternating Currents will make Physics and Chemistry conquer half the world. The industry will declare him his supreme saint and Bankers the greatest benefactor. (Futurists seem to be wrong about the bankers) Wireless Telegraphy and Radar Works. He rejoiced the gods of the War with many inventions and strengthened in their intention that no day on this planet be without blood and death. Nikola Tesla's laboratory was the first to break an atom. A weapon was created there that caused the earthquake to vibrate. Black Cosmic Air was also discovered there. The five races will pray to him in the Temple of the Future, for he taught them the great secret that the Empedocles' Elements are infused with ether life force.

TESLA: Obviously you write modern verses secretly ... Yes, those are some of my more important discoveries. I'm a defeated man after all. I did not achieve the greatest that I could.

JOURNALIST: What is it, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: I wanted to light the whole Earth. It has enough Electricity to become another Sun. Light would shine about a half-inch, like a ring around Saturn.

JOURNALIST: What a joy to be out of Earth and see it!

TESLA: I wanted to create Polar Light in different parts of this planet. That is possible, and why should only those in and around the North Pole enjoy it? If for nothing else, it should be done for aesthetic reasons. For these reasons, I designed giant astronomical mirrors that would show stars from other galaxies in our skies, the dark side of the moon, or a comet flight that would appear in a hundred years.

JOURNALIST: It would be a cosmic fair, to which both Saints and Angels would float!

TESLA: Most of my discoveries came from good people. I built windmills that would propel the sun and grind in them some of its heat and light; that sunny flour would be kept for months of cold and darkness. I built a machine that controls the tremendous power of the wind, creates from it ramparts as solid as steel, and a weapon behind which remains a wasteland; it also causes storms over entire areas and is dominated by clouds, rain and snow. I found a way to bring large amounts of water from the ocean through electricity and turn deserts into green and fertile fields. I invented an automaton from which to become a Race Robot; they will be of peace to the people, and they will make war in their place. There is an Energy of Memory, which preserves what they represent for three times. I have captured her particles to record the feud of the gods at Olympus, the Battle of Kosovo Field, the arrival of Lafayette in America, or some other event. In the universe there is no distinction between what exists and what is invented; both deed and thought are real.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, why is it that all man's aspirations and efforts for greatness and good are just beginning or halfway through, and what is evil and harmful without any effort comes to an end?

TESLA: That's because the human race has not matured for the great and the good. In Colorado Springs, I filled the Earth with electricity. We can also feed it with other energies, such as positive psychic energies. They are in the music of Bach or Mozart, or in lyrics by a great poet. In the Earth's interior, there are the energies of Serenity, Peace, and Love; their expressions are the flower that grows from the earth, the food we get from it, and everything that makes it human homeland. I spent years looking for ways in which these energies could affect people. The beauty and scent of the rose can be taken as medicine and the sun's rays as food. Life has an infinite number of aspects, and it is the duty of the scientist to find them in every form of matter. Three things are important in this. All I do is search for them. I know I won't find them, but I won't give up on them either.

JOURNALIST: What are these things?

TESLA: It's one food issue. What star or earth energy feed the hungry on Earth? With what wine to thirst for all thirst, so that their heart be glad and realize that they are gods? I know, with five loaves it is possible to satiate five thousand, and water can become wine. I know, also, that the hungry and the thirsty killed the one who fed and fed them, and that they would again make him appear ... The second thing is: how to destroy the energies of evil and suffering in which a person's entire life passes? They sometimes occur as epidemics from the depths of the universe; in this century, these diseases spread from Earth to space. The one they call the Light of Asia knows the answer to that. He is gone, and evil and suffering have become the only heaven above us from the heat ... The third thing is: is there any excess light in the universe? I discovered a star that, by all astronomical and mathematical laws, can disappear without seemingly changing anything. That star is in this galaxy. Its light can be compacted to a density smaller than an apple and heavier than the Solar System. It is the source of life that will come when life on Earth begins to wither and go out. The Persian carried that orb in his hand, but he was one on this planet. Behind him are other temples where the Fire is no longer burning. Religion and philosophy teach that man can become Christ, Buddha, and Zarathustra. What I'm looking for is crazier, bigger and more impossible. That is: what to do in the universe that every human being is born as Christ, Buddha, and Zarathustra.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, you once said that you believed that Archimedes had found a point of support from which he could lift Earth, but that he did not.

TESLA: It was clear to him that if he launched her, he would have to launch the other nine planets, the Sun, the Milky Way, and so on to Infinity.

JOURNALIST: Would you get outside the Milky Way?

TESLA: If he had launched Earth, anything would have been possible. He was, however, a sensible man, and such a man did not see fit to break in Infinity.

JOURNALIST: I guess it's not all a joke. What would you do in his place, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: I'm not dealing with levers as Archimedes, but Electricity, and I'm trying not to burn the Earth. Remember, young man: until man realizes that Munchausen acted quite naturally when he pulled himself out of the lake holding on to his own featherbed, he would remain on Earth. I owe many of my discoveries to the logic of the Minhausen Percussion. Gravity is the force that holds everything together; bird wings are proof that this is not a general law. I know that Gravity is inclined to everything that it needs to fly and my intention is not to make an airplane or a rocket, but to restore a person's awareness of his or her own wings ... Further, I try to awaken the energies contained in the vacuums. Vacuums are the biggest sources of energy; what is considered a void is merely the manifestation of un awakened matter. There is no void on Earth or in the universe. Black holes, which astronomers talk about, are the most powerful energies and sources of life.

JOURNALIST: At a young age you wanted to create Perpetum Mobile.

TESLA: Ever since Science, and ever since humanity, has done nothing else but the rules of Perpetum Mobile. Everything that is invented and created is just wheels, levers, flywheels, couplings and other parts, and machines. I am convinced that she was created by many geniuses and then destroyed.

JOURNALIST: I don't understand why they would destroy her if she were the dream of all of Science?

TESLA: Because she is perfection, and in perfection it is always the end. I've been making it my whole life, but I try not to make it.

JOURNALIST: What does that mean?

TESLA: I have it in my head, but I do not make it as my other discoveries. Perptum Mobile is a spiritual machine, and if it translates into physical reality, it stops working. If we were outside the Earth in a world, that would be fine: it would work and be visible. And maybe this will still be possible in the hour of departure from here? We will stage a great theater play, invite the New York City elite, journalists and photographers to it. It would be fun!

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla is a big fan of theater. He is a playwright, director and lead actor.

TESLA: We're not exaggerating. I'm just a magician in a square called planet Earth.

JOURNALIST: Messrs. Edison, Markoni, and many others are outraged and doing you nasty damage.

TESLA: They were jokes that they understood as something against them. The main performances are those at the Chicago Fair and the Paris Exposition. I performed laughs with a metal egg turning at my command, flaming swords, passing large streams through the body, melting steel mercury with my own body current. There were unforeseen performances, like the one with the earthquake-induced vibration. The multi-storey buildings in the neighborhood were rocking, especially the police station building. Remember the Bible story of Jesus Navin?

THE JOURNALIST: To the one who, while walking around Jerusalem occupied by the enemy, blew down the walls and towers of that city with trumpets?

TESLA: He turned the same vibration into sound. It's nicer though ... The theater is also my famous dinner party; people considered it an extraordinary honor to be called upon. They had the royal table and could see Tesla's wonders. I made small suns and held them in my hand, dancing a wreath of fiery lightning around my head, or the multicolored lights that were streaming out of my fingers and decorating the chamber. I never repeated the experiment, so there was always a surprise for the guests. I enjoyed organizing such dinners, and I also enjoyed having others arrange them for me. I particularly like the one in London; they planted me in Faraday's armchair and honored whiskey from the legacy of that greatest man among physicists.

JOURNALIST: Was there a theater at a young age, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: Yes, but different. What a glorious hailstorm erupted on a ship I traveled to America! Before that, it was an even more glorious fraud by the Austro-Hungarian Imperial-Royal Army. I became a military fugitive and hid in the mountains of Lika for a year.

JOURNALIST: What have you been doing there all year?

TESLA: Among other things, started the construction of Perpetum Mobil.

JOURNALIST: These youthful comedies include a gamble. At one time, they say, you were so overwhelmed by gambling passion that you spent all the money from your parent's house.

TESLA: That, sir, was not a comedy. The cube is of cosmic origin, checking the inclination of certain forces towards us and discovering those forces. There is a law in it that you always get. Unfortunately, I didn't detect it.

JOURNALIST: It was certainly years away from the game.

TESLA: Especially here in America, when I caught up with gentlemen scientists and professors. Mr. Edison has taken the lead. I fought the Electricity War with him, which lasted too long. With one other Italian, I fought the war over Radio. There were thefts of inventions and extinct patents. There is also that terrible fire of 1894, in which all my writings, plans and machines have disappeared. Mr. Adams offered to help me, but I thanked him and after five years I created everything over and over and built a new lab. Worse than that were the frequent pennies that kept me from working, and accomplished what I intended. The worst, though, was the year when, shortly after I came to America, I dug trenches for sewage. No less awful was the poor in Paris before that. So much about that!

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, you have stunned New York by returning a check to Westinghouse for the royalties of one of your inventions. You lost millions of dollars and didn't have a dime in your pocket at the time.

TESLA: Mr. Westinghaus was the first in this country who had an understanding of my work and helped me. He was in financial trouble at the time, so I couldn't take that check.

JOURNALIST: It happened that you were rich and you didn't even get a house here.

TESLA: I needed the money to work on new inventions. In addition, whenever I could, I was helping friends and people from my home country.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, in the last days you will have nothing! You will live off small loans and gifts that good people will give you.

TESLA: That's how it should be. The man returns to his house, where everything awaits him.

JOURNALIST: Pigeons land every morning on the window of your room at the Valdorf-Astoria Hotel, on the thirty-third floor.

TESLA: One must be sentimental about birds. It's because of their wing. And he used to have them, real and visible!

JOURNALIST: You haven't stopped flying since the ancient days in Smiljan!

TESLA: I wanted to take off from the roof and I fell: wrong baby calculations. Remember, young man: wings are everything in life!

JOURNALIST: An archangel with six pairs of flaming wings and the image of Nikola Tesla was painted at the Church of the Uranus Brothers in San Diego, California. Sure you were there?

TESLA: I have not arrived, but I will leave one day. Although, I admit, I have avoided church visits since childhood. My father was a priest, so he wanted me too
send in theology. I did my best not to make it happen.

JOURNALIST: Your church seems to ment to be ?
TESLA: Without my fault!

JOURNALIST: Let's go back, if you allow, to the beginning, and that's the question: who are you, Mr. Tesla? A friend of yours said: a cosmic phenomenon. One scientist: man's most accomplished opportunity. The poets call you an Angel, who has come down to Earth to do some work around the Light.

TESLA: The editors of your paper to Miss Dickinson would probably be more angel-like?

JOURNALIST: Not just her, Mr. Tesla. An angel is needed by everyone!

TESLA: Then be an Angel. Keep asking questions, Mr. Smith.

JOURNALIST: I would have a very personal question.

TESLA: You blush like a virgin at your first love meeting. I guess what it is.

JOURNALIST: You've never married! None of your love for a woman is known. Photos from a young age portray you as an extremely nice man. You will look like a 40-year-old in your sixties, and your strength and speed will be superhuman. An acquaintance will see how one day you slipped on a ledge, turned in the air and were greeted at your feet. Only a cat does that.

TESLA: In Electricity, I'm in a close relationship with that animal. Sometimes I think: the whole nature is a cat that God caresses on its back and there are lightning and thunder.

JOURNALIST: Your growth is much greater than that of other people, and they recognize you immediately after that. The first beauties always hovered around the attractive and famous scientist, but he remained single all his life.

TESLA: Many have married me, but the funniest marriage was the one led by Dr. Laza Kostic, an otherwise great poet. Since he himself was rejected by
Lenke Dundjerske, he wrote to me that I should marry her. He wanted to marry the greatest Serbian mind and the greatest Serbian beauty. It was reminiscent of his philosophy of crossover, according to which beauty is a fundamental principle in the organization of the world. I thanked him and explained why it was impossible.

JOURNALIST: Why, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: He wanted to create a heavenly couple on Earth, and the time for that was not. I'll tell you what I think about sex. There are two ways: much or no sex. The middle is used to restore the shell genus. Too much sex in certain people nourishes and strengthens vitality and spirit. Abstaining from sex does the same for other people. I chose that second time.

JOURNALIST: And another personal question. When you were to share the Nobel Prize with Edison in 1917, you rejected it.

TESLA: Mr. Edison is a great scientist, but he's gotten too much into my life. No, I couldn't take part in that Italian opera.

JOURNALIST: You made the major discoveries earlier and did not receive this award. What is it: envy, intrigue, misunderstanding?

TESLA: That was indisputable. Something else, however, kept people from discovering me.

JOURNALIST: What is it?

TESLA: I think that's the human fear of what most of these discoveries represent. People sensed that in addition to the great good, it would bring great evil. So they were overlooked and often forgotten.

JOURNALIST: You were aware that she would do evil, but you were still working on them, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: It's mine to do, not worry about what people will do with it.

JOURNALIST: These are the words of Leonardo da Vinci when asked why he makes war machines.

TESLA: I remember! He was being transferred for those ridiculous catapults for the Duke of Milan. He was right: it is the duty of the scientist to create and not to think of the consequences of creation.

JOURNALIST: That's the amorality of Science!

TESLA: There is a higher morality in the universe and in nature; the scientist needs him to follow. In terms of human morality, all history could be reduced to two words: Blood and Gold. "And only the blood flows and the gold shines! "These are the verses of Andrew Adi. That will be so long as the morale of the stars does not prevail among the people.

JOURNALIST: Moral star? What is it, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: The oldest philosophical teachings on cosmic laws and governing them. These laws have been violated; they must be reinstated.

JOURNALIST: Your admirers are very sorry that you are attacking Albert Einstein and his Relativity Theory. Your claim that matter has no energy is strange. Everything is imbued with energy; where did she come from?

TESLA: First it was energy, then matter.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, it's like saying that you gave birth to your father, not him.

TESLA: That's exactly how the birth of the universe is. Matter is created from the primordial and eternal energy we know as Light. It shone and stars, planets, man and everything on Earth and in the universe appeared. Matter is an expression of the infinite aspects of Light; therefore energy is older than it is. There are four laws of Creation. The first is that the source of everything is in the Inconceivable, a black particle that the mind cannot imagine, nor does mathematics measure; the whole universe fits into that particle. The second law is the propagation of darkness, which is the true nature of Light, from the Inconceivable and its transformation into light. The third law is the need for Light to become matter. The fourth law is: there is no beginning or end; the three preceding laws have always lasted and Creation is eternal.

JOURNALIST: In hostility to Theory of Relativity, you go as far as to give lectures about its birthdays against its creator.
TESLA: Remember not a curved Space, but a human mind that cannot understand Infinity and Eternity! If it were clear to the creator of Relativity, he would have acquired immortality, even physical if it pleased him. The proof of his upside-down theory is his playing the violin. To him it is pleasure and solace; he plays in home seats with strangers like himself!

JOURNALIST: You're really unfair to him, Mr. Tesla! Don't you have poetry as fun and solace! You arrived in America with your luggage under your mouse, which, by your own admission, was the most precious volume of verses.

TESLA: The lyrics are words, and Mr. Einstein dared to tap into the music. That is straight to crime. If his theory were correct, he would have become a great musician like Hendl or at least Gluck.

JOURNALIST: Excuse me, neither are you, and you claim that your theory is correct.

TESLA: I'm part of the Light, and she's music. Light fills my six senses: I see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, touch it and think it. Thinking is my sixth sense. Particles of Light are notes printed. One lightning can be a whole sonata. A Thousand Lightning is a concert. For that concert, I created ball lightning heard on the icy peaks of the Himalayas.

JOURNALIST: I do not understand, however, why you are so much against Einstein.

TESLA: He was wrong about Pythagoras and mathematics, and a scientist cannot and should not err about the two. Numbers and equations are signs that mark the Music of the Spheres. If Einstein had heard her sounds, he would not have produced the Theory of Relativity. These sounds are a message to the mind that life makes sense, that there is perfect harmony in salvation, and that beauty is the cause and effect of Creation. This Music is the eternal circulation of the starry heavens. The smallest star is a completed composition and, at the same time, part of a celestial symphony. The heartbeat of a human heart is part of that symphony on Earth. Newton learned that the secret lies in the geometrically correct arrangement and movement of celestial bodies. He realized that harmony is the supreme law in space. Curved Space is chaos; chaos is not Music. Albert Einstein is a messenger of the time of Buck and Bes.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, do you hear that Music?

TESLA: I always hear her. My spiritual ear is as big as the sky we see above us. I enlarged my physical ear with Radar. According to The Theory of Relativity, two parallel lines will meet in Beskraj. This will also make Einstein's fault a real one. Once created, the sound lasts forever. For a man he may disappear, but he continues in the silence which is his greatest power. No, I have nothing against Mr. Einstein. He is a kind man and has done some good things; something will become part of the Music. I will write to him and try to explain that Etar exists, and that its particles are what keeps the universe in harmony and life in eternity.

JOURNALIST: Our newspaper intends to open a Corresponding School of Immortality. Plato, Homer, Kalidasa, Balmiki, Li Tai Po, Shakespeare, Milton, Michelangelo, Rafael, Cervantes, Goethe, Dostoevsky, Bah, Beethoven, Mozart and others were selected as teachers. Each of them will be given a festive issue of the Bulletin, which will interpret his work and tell his life. The lucky thing is that you are among the living, so we will start with you. We can also call this interview the first hour of this School.

TESLA: You're wrong, Mr. Smith! All of you that you mentioned are still alive. Moreover, they are more alive than many who now walk the Earth.

JOURNALIST: Without a doubt, she is still spinning because of them. I meant their physical presence.

TESLA: There are times, you will meet some of them and take off your hat to greet them. Now let's take advantage of the happy circumstance of my physical presence here.

JOURNALIST: Please tell me, what are the conditions for the adjustment of an Angel on Earth?

TESLA: I have ten. Make a careful note.

JOURNALIST: I will write down your every word, Mr. Tesla.

TESLA: The first condition is a high awareness of your mission and the work to be done. It must exist, at least murky, at an early age. Let's not be falsely humble; the oak knows it is oak and the bush next to it is a bush. As a boy of twelve, I was sure to come to Niagara Falls. For most of my discoveries, I knew from childhood that I would make them, though not quite clearly ... The second condition of adjustment is perseverance. Everything I did was over. I was nineteen years old when, on the advice of a friend, I decided to read the whole of Walter. This literary monster wrote about one hundred volumes of large format and small style. I read it, but failed to find out if it was the one who recommended it to me. With the same tenacity, I treated everything I did. She became a part of me, and after thirty years I returned to an invention to perfect it.

JOURNALIST: What is the third adjustment condition, Mr. Tesla?
TESLA: Directing all vital and spiritual energies to work. Hence the cleansing of many things and needs that man has. I didn't lose anything with that, just got it. I received so much that I looked forward to every day and night of my life. Write down: Nikola Tesla was a happy man ... The fourth condition is the adaptation of the body to the part.

JOURNALIST: What do you mean, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: First of all, it's the maintenance of that circuit. The human body is the perfect machine. I know my circuit and what is good for it. Most people's food is harmful and dangerous to me. That's why sometimes I imagine all the chefs in the world are plotting against me ... Touch my hand.

JOURNALIST: She's cold.

TESLA: Yes. The bloodstream can be managed as well as many processes in and around us. Why are you pale, young man?

JOURNALIST: I remembered a story. But let's leave it to you, Mr. Tesla.

TESLA: We will not continue the conversation until I hear what it is.

JOURNALIST: It's a story that Mark Twain wrote The Mysterious Stranger, that wonderful booklet about Satan, inspired by you.

TESLA: I prefer the word "Lucifer". Mr. Twain likes to make jokes. In childhood, I once recovered by reading his books. When we met here and told him that, he was so moved that he wept. We became friends and he used to come to my lab often. He once asked me to show him a machine that caused a feeling of bliss to vibrate. It was one of those fun inventions I used to deal with. I reminded Mr. Twain how much he can stay under that vibration. He didn't listen to me and he stayed longer. It ended with the fact that, like a rocket, he clutched at his pants and rushed into a room. It was devilishly funny, but I kept it serious. Let's go back to adjusting the body assembly. In addition to food, sleep is also very important. From long and exhausting work, which required superhuman effort, I would completely recover after an hour of sleep. I have acquired the ability to manage sleep, and fall asleep and wake up at a time I have set. If something is not clear to me in what I am doing, I force myself to think about it in a dream and thus find a solution.

JOURNALIST: Bacon says that Genius sometimes escapes from his desk and from the lab to a dream.

TESLA: The fifth condition of adjustment is memory. Perhaps in most people the brain is the keeper of the knowledge of the world and the knowledge they acquire in life. My brain deals with more important things than memory; with me he hunts what is necessary at some point. It's all around us and we just need to take it. Everything we once saw, heard, read and learned follows us in the form of light particles. To me, these particles are obedient and faithful. Goethe's Faust, my favorite book, I learned by heart in German as a student, and now I can recite it all. I wore my inventions "in my head" for years and then made them.

JOURNALIST: You often mention the power of visualization.

TESLA: Maybe I have her to thank for everything I've created. The events of my life and my discoveries are real before my eyes, visible as any occurrence and object. At a young age, I was afraid of it, not knowing what it really was, but later I received that power as a remarkable gift and an asset. I cherished it and kept it jealous. By visualization, I made corrections on most inventions, and then made them correct. It also solves complicated mathematical equations without typing numbers. In Tibet, because of this gift, I would receive the rank of High Lama.

JOURNALIST: Mozart would only correct two or three notes on a score. The composition was over in his head before that.

TESLA: Yes, that's how it's done. My eyesight and hearing are perfect and, dare I say it, stronger than other people. I hear thunder every hundred and fifty miles, and see colors in the sky that others cannot see. I had that increase in vision and hearing as a child. Later, I consciously developed it.

JOURNALIST: You were severely ill several times in your youth. Is illness one of the conditions for adaptation?

TESLA: Yes. It is often the result of lack or exhaustion of life forces, but it is also often the cleansing of mind and body from the poisons that have accumulated. It is necessary for a person to suffer from time to time. The source of most diseases is in the spirit. That is why the spirit can cure most diseases. As a student, I got sick of the cholera that was raging in Lika. I was healed by allowing my father to enroll in engineering studies, which represented my life. Ghosts are not a disease to me, but the ability of the mind to penetrate beyond the three earthly dimensions. I've had them all my life, and I've been receiving them like any other phenomenon around. Once, as a kid, I walked with my uncle by the river and said, "A trout will emerge from the water, I'll throw a rock and cut it." That's what happened. Terrified and dismayed, his uncle shouted, "Bad retro Satanas!" He was a learned man and spoke Latin ... I was in Paris when I saw Mother's death. In a sky full of light and music, beautiful creatures floated. One of them had a Mother character, who looked at me with endless love. As the vision faded, I knew my Mother had died.

JOURNALIST: What is the seventh adjustment, Mr. Tesla?
TESLA: Knowing how to turn psychic and vital energies into what we want, and gain power over all feelings. The Indians call it Yoga Kundalini. This knowledge can be learned, which takes many years, or is gained through birth. I acquired most of them by birth. They are most closely related to sexual energy, which is most widespread in the universe after Light. A woman is the greatest thief of that energy, and therefore of spiritual power. I have always known and cherished it. I created what I wanted: a thought machine and a spiritual machine. (lunar feminine energy ... who mentioned that the Moon sucks our certain energies ???)

JOURNALIST: And the ninth adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: Do everything so that one day, no moment if possible, we forget who we are and why we are on Earth. The extraordinary people who are plagued by illness, scarcity or too hurt by society with their stupidity, misunderstanding, persecution and other afflictions that keep the Earth swamping with insects leave the work unfulfilled to the end. There are many fallen Angels on Earth. Ekerman asked Goethe: what would happen if his life, which had been spent in harmonious and even happy circumstances, was different? Where he replied: "It would not have happened to me not to draw the main goal."

JOURNALIST: What is the tenth adjustment?

TESLA: That's the most important thing. Write that Mr. Tesla was playing. He’s been playing his whole life and enjoying it.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla! Does this apply to both your discoveries and your work? Was that a game too?

TESLA: Yes, dear young man. I so loved playing with Electricity! I always get mad when I hear about that Greek who stole the fire. An awful story about the shackles and the eagles slaughtering his liver. Didn't Zeus have enough lightning and thunder so he was damaged by one bite? There's a misunderstanding ... Lightning is the most beautiful toy to find. Remember to point out in your caption: Nikola Tesla was the first man to create lightning.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, you spoke a while ago about the Angels and their adaptation on Earth.

TESLA: Did I? That's the same. You can also write this: he dared to take on the prerogatives of Indra, Zeus and Perun. Imagine one of these gods arranging thunderstorms, fires and earthquakes in a black evening dress, with a half cylinder and white gloves, to the New York elite!

JOURNALIST: The readers of our newspaper love humor. But you confused me with saying that your discoveries, which are of immense benefit to humans, are a game. Many will frown on it.

TESLA: Dear Mr. Smith, the trouble is that people are too serious. If they hadn't, they would have been happier and would have lived much longer. A Chinese proverb says severity shortens its lifespan. Li Ta Pe assumed a visit to the tavern was a visit to the imperial court. But lest readers frown, let's get back to the things they consider important.

JOURNALIST: They would love to hear what your philosophy is.
TESLA: Life is a rhythm that must be learned. I can feel that rhythm and manage myself and give in to it. He is very grateful and has given me the knowledge I have. Everything that lives is connected by deep and wonderful connections: man and stars, the amoeba and the sun, our heart and the circling of an infinite number of worlds. These bonds are unbreakable, but they can be domesticated and appeased so that man himself begins to create new and different relationships in the world without breaking the old ones. Knowledge comes from the universe; our sight is his most perfect receiver. We have two eyes: earthly and spiritual. Efforts should be made to make them one eye. The universe is alive in all its manifestations, like a thinking animal. Stone is a thoughtful and sentient being, like plants, beasts and humans. A shining star asks us to watch her, and if we weren't overwhelmed with ourselves, we would understand her language and messages. Man must harmonize his breathing, eyes and ears with the breathing, eyes and ears of the universe.

JOURNALIST: As you speak, it seems to me that I am listening to a Buddhist text, a Taoist word, or a Parasulus tract.

TESLA: You're doing fine! It means that there is general knowledge and truths that man has always possessed. In my feeling and experience, there is only one matter and one supreme energy in the universe with an infinite number of manifestations of life. The best part is that by discovering one secret in nature, you discover others. They are not hiding, they are around us, but we are blind and deaf to them. If we attach to them emotionally, they come to us. There are many apples, but one is Newton. He was looking for exactly the apple that had fallen before him.

JOURNALIST: A question that may have been asked at the beginning of this interview. What is Electricity for you, Mr. Tesla?

TESLA: Everything is Electricity. First is the Light, an infinite source from which matter flows and is distributed in all forms representing the universe and the Earth with all its aspects of life. Black is the true face of Light; not seeing her like that is an extraordinary grace to man and other creatures. One of its particles possesses light, heat, nuclear, radiation, chemical, mechanical and unknown energy so far. It has the power that can move the Earth out of its path. She is the true Archimedes lever.

JOURNALIST: Mr. Tesla, you are too biased towards Electricity.

TESLA: Electricity is me. Or, if you will, Electricity in human form. So are you, Mr. Smith, but you are not aware of it.

JOURNALIST: Is that why your ability to pass a million-volt electrical current through the body?

TESLA: Imagine a gardener being attacked by plants; that would be really crazy. The human body and brain are made up of many energies; I have the most electricity. The energy that is different in everyone is what constitutes a person's "I" or "soul". For other creatures this is their essence; The "soul" of a plant is not the "soul" of minerals and animals. Brain work and death are manifested by light. My eyes were black in my youth, now they are blue and as time goes on and my brain strain gets stronger, they are closer to whiteness. White is a heavenly color. A pigeon landed through my window one morning, which I fed. He wanted to let me know he was dying. Jets of light came out of his eyes. I have never seen so much light in the eyes of a creature as in that pigeon.

JOURNALIST: Workers in your lab talk about flashes of light, flames and lightning that occur if you are angry or in danger.

TESLA: These are psychic discharges or reprimands to beware of. Light has always been on my side. Do you know who discovered the Inverted Magnetic Field and Induction Motor that made me famous in my twenty-sixth year? One summer evening, in Budapest, I was watching the sunset with my friend Sigetti. Thousands of fires were swirling through the flames of thousands of colors. I remembered Faust and recited verses from him. And then, as in magnitude, I saw the Magnetic Field turn and the Induction Motor work. I saw them in the sun!

JOURNALIST: The hotel service tells you that during a thunderstorm you are closing in and talking to yourself.

TESLA: I talk to lightning and thunder.

JOURNALIST: With them? In what language, Mr. Tesla?
TESLA: Mostly in my native language. It has words and sounds, especially in poetry, that are well suited to it.

JOURNALIST: The readers of our newspaper would appreciate it very much.

TESLA: Sound does not exist only in thunder, but also in lightning; with it, it is transformed into gloss and colors, and colors can be listened to. Language is of words, which means it is of sounds and colors. Every thunder and lightning are different and have their own names. I call some of them the names of those who have been close to me in my life, or by those I admire. My mother, sister, brother Danilo, poet Dragon and personalities from Serbian history also radiate in the sky. Names such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Leonardo, Beethoven, Goya, Faradiah, Pushkin and all the devastating fires denote flocks and thunders of lightning and thunder that do not end all night, and bring noble rain or fallen forests and human settlements to the earth. There are lightning and thunder, the brightest and most powerful ones, which do not disappear. They are coming back and I recognize them among the thousands.

JOURNALIST: Do you think Science and Poetry are the same?

TESLA: It's two eyes of one face. William Blake taught that the entire universe was born of the Imagination, that it sustains it, and that it will exist as long as there is one human on Earth. With it it is like the Point of the astronomer into which the stars of all galaxies can gather. It is creative energy equal to light.

JOURNALIST: Is your imagination more real than life?

TESLA: She gives birth to life. I nourished my thoughts, learned to manage my feelings, dreams and visions. I have always cherished her, as I have nurtured her enthusiasm. I have spent all my long life in rapture. That was the source of my happiness. He has also helped me to endure all these years of work that was enough for five lives. It is best to work at night because the starlight and thoughts are in close relationship.

JOURNALIST: You said that I, like every creature, is a Light. That's flattering to me, but, I admit, it's not entirely clear to me.

TESLA: Why should it be clear to you, Mr. Smith? Just believe it. Everything is Light. In one of its rays is the destiny of the people; every nation has its air in that great light source we see as the sun. And remember: no man that existed has died. They have been transformed into Light and as such they still exist. The secret is that these light particles are back to their original state.

JOURNALIST: It's a resurrection!
TESLA: I prefer to call it: Returning to one of the previous energies. Christ and some others knew the secret. I was looking for how to conserve human energy. She is one of the aspects of Light, sometimes flat with the ultimate light of heaven. I did not seek it for myself, but for the good of all. I believe that my discoveries will make people's lives easier and more bearable, and direct them to spirituality and morality.

JOURNALIST: Do you think time can be cut short?

TESLA: Not quite, because the first feature of energy is that it transforms. She is in perpetual transformation, like the clouds of the Taoists. But it is possible to influence man to preserve consciousness even after earthly life. There are energies of life in every corner of the universe; one of them is immortality whose origin is beyond man and awaits him. The universe is spiritual; we are only half that. The universe is more moral than we are; that is why we must know its nature and reconcile our life with it. I'm not a scientist; Science is perhaps the most appropriate way to find the answer to a question that has always haunted me, and that has turned my days and nights on fire.

JOURNALIST: What is the question?

TESLA: How did your eyes shine! ... What I wanted to find out was: What happens to a falling star and a sun that goes out? The star falls like dust or seed on this or other worlds, and the sun is scattered in our thoughts, in the lives of many creatures, in what will be born as new light, or the space wind will spread it across Infinity. I understand that this is necessary and is included in the structure of the universe. The point is, however, that one of these stars and one of these suns, at least at least, are preserved.

JOURNALIST: But, Mr. Tesla, you understand that this is necessary and is included in the structure of the world!

TESLA: When it becomes clear to a man that his highest goal is to run for a parachute star and try to capture her, he will understand that his life has been given precisely for that reason and he will be saved. The star will eventually get caught!

JOURNALIST: And then what happens?

TESLA: The creator will laugh and say, "She fell just to run after you and catch her."

JOURNALIST: Isn't all this contrary to the cosmic pain that you so often mention in your writings? And what is cosmic pain?

TESLA: There are no opposites, because we are on Earth ... It is a disease of which the vast majority of people are unaware. Hence many other diseases, suffering, evil, misery, wars and all that makes human life an absurd and terrible occurrence. This disease cannot be completely cured, but awareness of it will make it less severe and dangerous. Whenever one of my near and dear people was hurt, I felt physical pain. This is because our bodies are of similar structure and souls are bound by unbreakable threads. The incomprehensible sadness that sometimes overwhelms us means that somewhere, at the other end of this planet, a child or noble man has died. The whole universe is sick for some time, both of ourselves and of us. The disappearance of some stars and the appearance of a comet affect us more than we suspect. The bonds between creatures on Earth are even stronger; because of our feelings and thoughts, the flower will smell or silence more beautifully. We need to learn these truths again in order to be healed. The cure is in our heart and also in the heart of the animal we call the universe.


Little known Tesla - The light of a white dove

Paradoxically, Nikola Tesla, the creator of modern electrical engineering and teleautomatics, otherwise a great rationalist and advocate of Enlightenment ideas, seems to have been subjected to unusual parapsychological experiences, visions and mystical states. First of all, this is relentlessly pointed out by numerous facts reported by the scientist himself, such as his parapsychological experience when his mother died (Tesla, "A Strange Experience", in Articles, Institute of Textbooks and Teaching Aids. Belgrade 1995) and many others.
So, for example, Tesla in his autobiographical book, My Inventions, cites a number of examples of his own miraculous, parapsychological experiences from childhood and early youth. He mentions "his strange pain," strange images that he saw when he was a boy. "In the stillness of the night, the uninvited live images of these scenes would now appear before my eyes and persistently resist all efforts to drive them away. Sometimes they would be so real in space even though I could go through them by hand, ”Tesla describes. As these phenomena disturbed him, created discomfort and raised concerns, he turned to the experts, but they did not have the right answer.

The child thunder

Our great scientist was convinced that Providence alone at birth gave him an extraordinary destiny and supernatural powers. There is a legend, dear Tesla, by which the inventor of AC was born on a frightening, stormy summer night when lightning struck and thunder struck. The midwife who gave birth to his mother, terrified by the radiation, interpreted these celestial phenomena as signs of the extraordinary fate of the infant and told the childbirth that she would be a "child of thunder." As one of Tesla's biographers writes, this uneducated woman of the people "could not even have guessed how accurate this description of the man who fate would make the creator of artificial lightning, strong enough to shake the whole world" (Lomas, The man who invented the twentieth century, DN Center, 2000).

Tesla says that as a boy he drowned a dozen times and was almost "cooked alive" and barely avoided being burned. But that is not all: “I was buried alive, lost and frozen. For the hair I avoided angry dogs, boars and other wild animals. I survived terrible illnesses and went through various strange incidents, and being healthy and strong today is a real miracle, ”recalls the famous inventor (Nikola Tesla, My inventions).

It's just amazing how much these Tesla descriptions of their own miraculous experiences resemble descriptions of the initiation diseases and deaths that shamans went through before they acquired their extraordinary abilities! The shaman, according to Eliade, is a witch, a gatal, a prophet, a magician, a psychopomp, a healer, a scientist, an inventor, a poet, an otter and a seer (History of Beliefs and Religious Ideas, Volume III, Enlightenment, 1991). Shamans are recognized for their characteristic, unusual behavior, are prone to loneliness, daydreaming, have miraculous visions, attacks, fainting, etc. But they too, selected, have to go through the initiation temptations (dreams, illnesses, visions, tearing and mystical death) and to gain the ability to make ecstatic journeys outside this world, to the Underworld or to Heaven.

An old scientist's idyll

One of probably the weirdest Tesla experiences, happened at his late age. This was, in fact, the end of the already famous idyll of the aged scientist - the trait and his white dove, which he fondly loved. The "dove love story" of Tesla's life, like many others, ended sadly. The eccentric scientist took care of "thousands of pigeons" for years, among them was a dove, a "beautiful bird", white in color, different from all others. In Greek, "leukos" means - white, but also bright, clean, clear, silvery. Belo is an ancient symbol of light, enlightenment, purification, transformation, revelation. In Christian fine arts, the Holy Spirit is portrayed as a white dove.

But let us return to the white dove: “Wherever I was, the dove would find me; when i wanted to see her i just called and she would fly up to me. She understood me and I understood her, ”Tesla confessed. He hurt her and didn't hide it. "Yes, I loved her the way a man loves a woman, and she loved me. When she was ill I knew and understood; she would come to my room and stay there for days. I would treat her until she was healed. That dove was the joy of my life. If I needed it, nothing else mattered to me. As long as I had it, it was the purpose of my life. "
But this would not be a true love story if it weren't for the dramatic twist that hints at a tragic ending. "Then one night while I was lying in bed, solving problems as usual, she flew through an open window and stood on my desk. I knew I needed her; she wanted to tell me something important so I got up and went to her. " And then that most amazing, mystical event in the long and unusual life of scientists - dreamers, enthusiasts and psychics - happened. "When I looked at her, I knew she wanted to say she was dying. And then, when I received her message, light came out of her eyes - powerful jets of light. Yes, it was real light, a strong, dazzling, dazzling light, a light far stronger than I ever produced with the strongest lamps in my lab. When that dove died, something went out of my life. By that time, I certainly knew that I would finish my work, regardless of the ambitiousness of my program, but when that went out of my life, I knew that my work was done, ”finished his story Tesla (Margaret Cheney, Tesla : Man Out of Time, Codex, Belgrade 1991).

Although the famous researcher as a rationalist did not admit to being religious, there is clearly an original numinous, mystical experience at the center of which is a pigeon symbol, a symbol that Tesla himself does not seem to understand very well, though he felt his power. Like a bird, a dove is a symbol of the ascension, the sublimation of urge and the domination of spirit.

A jet of mystical light

For this mystical experience of the white dove, what matters is what Tesla says about the "powerful jets of light" that erupted from her eyes. What Tesla did not know, but only suspected, of the meaning of the mysterious light, we know today. In many mythologies and religions, light is a universal, archetypal symbol of spirit, deity and mystical cognition. Light symbolizes enlightenment, goodness, the divine nature, and life versus darkness symbolizing ignorance, evil, and death.

In the Old Testament, the word of God creates light and separates light from darkness. In Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions, light symbolizes truth, cognition, and absolute, otherworldly reality. In the ancient Indian tune of the Bhagavad-gita, the model of theophany is a "glittering torrent of light." Finding unusual light is, therefore, a numinous experience, an encounter with divine power and beyond, an absolute reality. In the chapter "Experience the mystical light," the famous historian of religion writes: "He who has met such experience (mystical light) has undergone an ontological mutation: he has acquired another way of being that gives him access to the spirit world" (Eliade, Mephistopheles and Androgyn, Gradac. 1996).

The encounter with the mysterious light was so striking for Tesla because it caused him a radical internal change, more precisely, a profound and lasting spiritual transformation.

More than 60 years after the death of Nikola Tesla, the character and work of one of the world's most famous scientists remains an unsolvable puzzle.
Tesla has been under the control of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) since coming to the United States until his death in 1943. But for the next 40 years, any claim on Tesla's legacy, newspaper article or scholarly work would end up right at the FBI director's desk. As soon as he heard the news of the death of Nikola Tesla in January 1943, an FBI agent Foxworth sent a telegram to the director of the New York office with the following content: "A prominent electrical scientist has died at the New York Hotel." He experimented with wireless energy transmission, the so-called death rays and constructed the revolutionary type of torpedo. His notes are in the hotel and so far nothing has been done to hide from hostile people. "

Under the US Freedom of Information Act, these files were partially released. But the key pages are missing and the namespace is crossed out in multiple places. An insight into the secret behind who ordered Tesla to be tracked is explained by a message sent by then FBI Vice President Henry Wallis, shortly after the death of scientists, saying Tesla's things were of "vital interest to the government."

After Tesla's death in the United States, investigations into secret weapons that rely on his work begin. But how did the FBI get into Tesla's legacy?

Since Tesla had no children, his nephew Sava Kosanovic came to the room of the New Yorker, where Tesla lived, the day after his uncle's death, to find a will. He took Tesla's photos from the safe, and then an unknown locksmith installed a new combination on the safe. A day later, accompanied by a person from the Aliens Property Control Service, all the property was sealed and taken to a warehouse in Manhattan. A few years later, Kosanovic learned from warehouse workers "that FBI people were coming in at night and filming." The then FBI Director Edgar Hoover denied any involvement, but the weather proved otherwise.

Namely, during the Vietnam War, the US government began to investigate the so-called warfare over time. The goal was to extend the monsoon season and slow down the movement of the enemy. The research was based on Tesla's theory of the abundance of free-floating electricity in the Earth's ionic envelope. The project was abandoned due to a UN ban, but ten years later, during the Cold War, the program was renewed. The Russians already knew how to influence the upper atmosphere. According to one version, Tesla's documents were handed over to them by the SFRY government. According to another, documents were provided to them by Tesla's aide Spaniel, who was a Soviet sympathizer. The Russians have created artificial ionization in an atmosphere of devastating power that also serves as an electromagnetic shield against missiles. Americans responded with the Star Wars program.

Much attention is also drawn to the secret of Tesla's "rays of death." One theory is that Tesla caused them a mysterious Tunguska explosion in 1908 in Siberia. He asked researcher Robert Perry, who was then heading to the North Pole, to inform him of events from the road. From the Bardencliffe tower next to the laboratory, he aimed an air cannon at the Arctic. Perry reported the Siberia explosion, which is equal to an explosion of up to 15 megatons of TNT. Still, the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 drew the most attention. Tesla led the Rainbow Project, in which it tried to hide a warship from the radar with a low-frequency magnetic field. The ship did become invisible, but to the human eye. When the generators were shut down, the ship appeared. Al Bielek, one of the sailors off the ship, discovered that Tesla began sabotaging research in 1942 when he realized he would use humans for experiments. When he retired from the project, he was labeled an outlaw. This is where the story gets crafted. He is hit by a car on the street under strange circumstances. He has recovered, but after a few months they find him dead in a hotel. According to an official report, he died of thrombosis.

Interestingly, even the FBI agents who followed Tesla in the footsteps did not know exactly when he died. In a document dated January 12, 1943, an FBI agent said: "Subsequent investigations showed that Tesla died on January 8, not Thursday, January 7, as reported."
The start of this year in an unusual way highlights two dates regarding Nikola Tesla. 63 years ago, on January 7, a lonely New York hotel ended the life of a man who has intrigued not only the scientific but the general public for decades, and this year has been a century and a half since the birth of the genius from Smiljan, who they say invented 20th century.

The planet-famous scientist, however, remained a person under many veils of secrets, the eccentric never fully explained after whose discoveries the world was not the same. There is no such elementary element that he holds to his knowledge without being familiar with the major inventions of the scientist, who, among other things, is called the Wizard of Cold Fire. Although surrounded by a mystery that has kept him alive, Tesla has for decades been the subject of study by all kinds of scholars who, after so long, hope to find in an undiscovered archive the writings that would prove the originality of genius with their originality. What he has donated to the world in the field of electricity use is almost a common place.

However, little is known about Tesla's contributions to medicine. Historians of medical sciences consider Tesla's most important contribution to the field as the application of high frequency currents. In an attempt to eliminate the acoustic vibrations that made it difficult to use alternating currents for the arc lamp, he constructed a high frequency alternator, which in turn led him to study the properties of ultrasound.

Always mysterious

In the winter of 1891, Tesla first revealed to the public that a stream of rapid oscillations could cross the human body without causing muscle spasms or tissue damage. He claimed that he came to this conclusion by experimenting on his own body. Shortly afterwards, the fascinating properties of Tesla's currents were informed by the scientific world. In New York, London and Paris, he made the famous light tube test in his hand, exposing himself to 50,000 volts. The experiment echoed as a sensation and hinted at the possibility of therapeutic application of high frequency current and voltage.

At a lecture on the occasion of the annual meeting of the American Electrotherapy Association, in September 1898, Tesla synthesized all of his work relating to electrotherapy. He described three groups of physiological effects of high frequency currents. With the help of an experiment on his own body, he determined that these currents cause many, in addition to the thermal effect, great fatigue, somnolence, and changes in breathing and blood circulation. In addition, he believed in the bactericidal power of his currents.

Another area of ​​Tesla's research of interest in medicine was X rays. He performed experiments with tubes full of dilute gas and a ruby ​​electrode, yielding a beam of electrons, now known X rays. Contemporaries claimed that he was simply fascinated by these mysterious rays, but had to abandon his experiments because of a fire in his laboratory.

Thought on the retina

One of the first X-ray photographs taken in the US, according to Flogiston, a journal for the history of science, is the work of another Serbian physicist, Michael Pupin, a professor at Columbia University. According to this scientist, "the onslaught of X-ray experimentation is reminiscent of an attack on the West during the Gold Rush." Excitement reigned in the laboratories of Edison, Pupin, Hering, Frost, Thomson and Tesla. Only Tesla, however, took the great advantage of being able to adapt its high-frequency apparatus to powerful X-ray sources. Nevertheless, in a text published in 1896, he greatly appreciates Rentgen for his wonderful discovery and describes sophisticated methods for obtaining x-rays.

Tesla later also repeatedly touched upon the problems of general biology. For him, moving is the basis of life. The behavior of beings is completely determined by external factors. As a true engineer, Tesla analyzes the automatism of living things. Without a science education in physiology and biology, he is lost, especially at the end of his life, in metaphysical speculation that astounded the public at that time with a mixture of grandiosity and naivety.

Nikola Tesla was also fascinated by the characteristics of the human eye. Due to misinterpretation of a scientific text, he believed in the existence of a kind of "fluorescence" of the eye during brain activity. He devoted much effort to the desire to photograph human thought because he was convinced that intellectual activity was faithfully reflected on the retina.

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