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Mysterious circles are still debated in scientific circles, considered by many to be irrefutable proof of becoming aliens.

For decades, Hesdalen Valley residents in Norway have witnessed magical light rays occurring in the sky. After they appear, these lights dance in different shapes and sometimes glow in different bright colors.

The lights were seen by a large number of people and many of them did not miss the opportunity to shoot them. That is why their appearance cannot be disputed - though scientists after years of study have failed to discover what it is about. One speculation says the area is radioactive, and radiation is carried by dust particles that explode in contact with the atmosphere.
Another explanation lies in the fact that the valley acts as a large battery, since one of the valleys is extremely copper-rich, while the other has zinc in the isoel. Both components can be found in the battery, and they just need some "sour" connection to light up. The river at the bottom of the valley contains sulfur, which can act as a source of acid. Conspiracy theorists in these lights, however, see alien influence.

The first reports of unusual lights start in the early 40's. A particularly high Hessdalen fire activity occurred in December 1981 until the summer of 1984, when the lights could be seen 15 to 20 times a week. Since then, the frequency is decreasing and today it can be seen 10 to 20 times a year.
Hesdalen fire is most often a glittering, white or yellow light floating above the ground. Sometimes the lights could be seen for more than an hour. There are several other types of light that are not explained in the Hesdalen Valley. In 1983, a scientific research project called “The Hesdalen Project” began. Later, the "EMBLA project" started, with researchers from Norway and Italy participating.
Although a number of studies have been carried out, there is still no good explanation for the origin of this light. So far, there are several hypotheses:

One hypothesis claims that the Hessdalen fire is caused by the process of burning dust clouds from the soil from the valley, which has scandium in it.
a more recent hypothesis proposes that light is generated from a cluster of Coulomb crystals in plasma that is generated by ionization of air and dust by alpha particles during radon decay. Several physical properties (vibration, geometric structure, and light spectrum) observed on the Hesdalen fire can be explained by this model of particle plasma. The decay of radon produces alpha particles (emission of yellow helium light) and radioactive elements like polonium. In 2004, Teodorani confirmed a higher degree of radioactivity on the rocks near where the Hessdalen fires were observed.
the second hypothesis claims that Hessdalen fire results from piezoelectricity due to rock deformation (Takaki and IKEI, 1998), because many rocks contain quartz grains that create an increased electric charge density

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Marfa lights are an inexplicable phenomenon (often referred to as ghost lights) that appear on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas. The first published report on lights was from 1957, Robert Reed Ellison reported them to his family, and reports of their appearances were mostly spread by word of mouth. The lights are described the size of a basketball, levitating to about 1.5 from the ground. Colors are usually described as white, yellow, orange or red, while sometimes appearing green and blue.
They usually levitate in place, but they also move quickly in different directions. The lights sometimes appear in groups and sometimes only one or two. Observations of this phenomenon are rare, but there are numerous testimonies from the 1950s to the present.
Skeptics usually consider the lights to be related to traffic passing on nearby US Route 67, or are electrical by-products of the quartz hills in the area.
Since they usually appear on inaccessible terrain, there is almost no report that anyone has managed to get near the lights.

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