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To begin with, Buddhists in their theology wholeheartedly believe in its existence. They believe that it is a race of super men and super women who occasionally go out to the surface of the earth to monitor the development of the human race. They also believe that this underworld contains millions of inhabitants and many cities and their capital is Shamballa.

The king of this world is believed to have given powers to the Dalai Lama of Tibet who is their earthly representative. His messages are transmitted through secret tunnels that connect that inner world to Tibet.

The famous Russian channel, Nicholas Roerich, which channeled the Ascended Master El Morya, claimed that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, was connected to the Shamballa inland by a tunnel. The entrance to this tunnel is guarded by llamas who have sworn an oath. A similar tunnel is believed to connect the secret chambers at the base of the great pyramid at Giza and Agart.

The Indian epics, Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita are the most famous texts of India. Ramayana tells the story of the great avatar of Rama. The Bhagavad Gita gives the story of Krishna. Ramayana describes Rama as an "Agarta envoy" arriving by air. It is quite astonishingly unusual in that both the Buddhist and Hindu religions talk about Agartha separately.

The first public scientific evidence came about in 1947 when Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew directly to the North Pole and insisted on the overflight of the pole, in fact, he entered the Inner Land. In his diary with other witnesses, he talks about entering the hollow interior of the country and traveling 1700 miles across mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation and animal life. He tells how he saw giant mammoth-like animals from ancient times moving through the hills. He finally found cities and civilization in progress.

His plane was finally greeted by flying machines, the kind he had never seen before. He was escorted to a safe landing spot and greeted by Agarte envoys. After resting, he and his crew were taken to meet the king and queen of Agarte. He was told that he was allowed to enter Agarta because of his high morale and ethical character. They have continued to say that ever since the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they have been very concerned about their own safety and survival. They decided the time had come for greater contact with the outside world to prevent us from destroying this planet and its civilization along with it. They were allowed to enter for this particular purpose as a way of contacting someone they trusted.

To shorten the story, Admiral Byrd and his crew, after that visit, were guided back to the outside world on their plane, and their lives changed forever.

In January 1956, Admiral Byrd led a second expedition to the Antarctic and / or the South Pole. On this expedition he and his crew re-entered 2,300 miles into the center of the country. Admiral Byrd claims that the North and South Poles are actually two of the many openings in the center of the Earth. I can't help but remember Jules Vernes' famous science fiction book, "Journey to the Center of the Earth," which many of you have read or watched in the movie version.

Admiral Byrd also claims that the inner earth has an inner sun. Admiral Byrd's theory is that the poles of the earth are convex, not recessed. Ships and planes can actually fly in or get straight inside.

The American press published Admiral Byrd's discovery, but our good friends, the secret government, immediately covered it up. Ray Palmer, publisher of Flying Saucer Magazine, wrote a detailed story about Admiral Byrd's findings. The United States government has either picked up, stolen, or destroyed all copies, then destroyed the printing records and printing press.

I was told that exactly the same thing happened with Admiral Byrd's discovery article, which he wrote "National Geographic." The magazine was published and the United States government seized almost every copy. If the story were not true why would the government be so nervous.

Another interesting fact is that the United States government does not allow planes to fly over the poles. All flights are geared to go around the poles and this will be told by every air pilot flying in those areas. Another interesting phenomenon is the fact that the glaciers are made up of fresh water and not of salt water carried by the currents from the poles. Another interesting question is why it is warmer near the poles than at 600 to 1000 miles from them. Openings on the poles can also be part of the reason for so many observations of flying saucers.

In Dr. Raymond Bernard's book, The Hollow Earth, he talks about the man who confirmed Admiral Byrd's story. Dr. Los Angeles-based Nephi Cotton reports that one of his patients, a Nordic man, told him the following story:

"I lived in the Arctic Circle in Norway. One summer my friend and I decided to take a boat trip and enter as much as we could into the North Country. So we loaded our monthly food supplies into a small fishing boat and set sail.

"At the end of the first month, we traveled farther north, behind the pole and into a strange new country. We were pretty impressed with the weather there. Warm, and occasionally at night almost too warm to sleep. Then we saw something so outlandish that we were both amazed. A warm open sea ahead and we were on a great mountain. At that point, the ocean seemed to be empty at some point. Confused, we continued in this direction and found ourselves sailing into a vast canyon leading into the interior of the country. We continued to sail, and then we saw something that surprised us ... the bright sunshine inland.

"The ocean that carried us into the hollow interior of the earth gradually became a river. That river ran, as we later realized, through the inner surface of the world from one end to the other. It can take you, if you follow it long enough, straight from the North to the South Pole.

"We have seen the inner surface of the earth divided into soil and water. There is plenty of sunlight and plenty of animal and plant life. We sailed farther and farther into that fantastic land, fantastic because everything was huge in size compared to the outside stuff. The plants are large, the trees are gigantic and we eventually reach a thick.

"They lived in homes and cities like us on the earth's surface and used some form of electric transport like a one-way vehicle to transport people. He drove along the riverbank from town to town.

"A few inland residents, huge giants, spotted our boat on the river and were quite amazed. They were, however, quite friendly. We were invited to their houses to dine with them, and my companion and I separated. He went with one giant to his home, and I went with another giant.

"A giant friend of mine took me to his home with his family, and I was completely intimidated by the enormous size of all the items in his home. The dining table was huge. They put a plate in front of me and fill it with a serving of food so that the bite would feed me abundantly for a whole week. A giant offered me a bunch of grapes and each grape bob was as big as one of our peaches. I tried it and found it to be much sweeter than any I've tried out there. In the interior of the earth, all fruits and vegetables are much tastier and with a lot more smell than the ones we have on the outside of the earth.

"We stayed with the Giants for one year enjoying their company as they enjoyed getting to know us. During our visit, we noticed many strange and unusual things about these extraordinary people and were constantly amazed at their scientific advances and inventions. They were never hostile to us all the time, and we were allowed to return to our home the same way we arrived ... in fact, they kindly offered us their protection if we needed to return. "

Another report about a visit to the cavity of the country was cited by another Norwegian named Olaf Jansen, which was recorded in a book called "The Smoky God" by Willis George Emerson. The title "Smoky God" refers to the central sun in the hollow interior of the earth, which is less and less radiant than our outer sun, of course and therefore looks clouded. The book describes the experience of a father and son trying to find the "land behind the north wind" in a small fishing boat they heard about. An air storm apparently carried them through a polar opening into the hollow interior of the earth.

The book was printed in 1908. She talks about her son’s experiences. They had apparently spent two years there, and on their way back through the south polar opening, their father lost his life when the glacier split and the boat was destroyed. The son was rescued and told his incredible story.

He was put in a lunatic prison because no one believed him. After his release and working as a fisherman for 26 years, he moved to the United States. He met Willis George Emerson in his 90s and told him his story. At his death, he also gave him his maps, which he made about the interior of the country, and a manuscript of his experiences. The book, "The Smoky God," tells of his experiences.

The book tells how these people live from 400 to 800 years and how very advanced they are in science. They can transmit their thoughts from one to the other with a certain type of radiation, and have current sources more powerful than our electricity. They are the creators of higher-powered, flying saucers, derived from the electromagnetism of the atmosphere. They are twelve or more feet tall.

Another interesting observation at the edge of the book is that in 1942, the German Nazis sent an expedition made up of some of the leading scientists trying to find their way into the cavity of the country. Georing, Himmler, and Hitler enthusiastically supported the project. Hitler was convinced that the land was recessed and that inland people lived.

In "The Hollow Earth," Raymond Bernard also talks about a photo posted in 1960 in Toronto, Canada, depicting a beautiful valley with green hills. The pilot claimed the photo was taken from his plane as he flew over the North Pole.

Channeling Earlyne Chaney on Agartha and Civilization from the Hollow of the Earth

Earlyne Chaney, a channel for Kuthumi, the Virgin Mary and Zoser, and the Egyptian Pharaoh, tells us an interesting story of how Agarta came to be. This is described in her book, Revelations of Things to Come. She also had a hard
time accepting the truth about Agarta, but her guides were absolutely sure of its existence and importance to our civilization now and in the future.

Earlyn's channeling claims that centuries ago, very advanced souls came from other planets. Her sewers called them "Anunnaki". They are creatures who brought covenant coffins that were used as laser weapons and balance control devices to elevate Earth's civilization. Anunnaki and Annu helped build the great civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The Anunnaki left and left the evolution of the earth in the hands of Annu, their descendant, who mated after the earthlings. As time passed, as I have already told in the Genesis story, Atlantis was taken over by the sons of Belial or the Dark Brotherhood. Anna, realizing that Atlantis was about to be destroyed, sailed to other land, especially Egypt. They helped build pyramids and monuments with vaulted coffins. However, they also used these instruments to dig deep underground, building underground cities and tunnels. When the flood and pole shift finally hit Atlantis and Lemuria, they entered their cities inland. The entrance was through the Great Pyramid. They sealed the pyramid, preventing earthlings from detecting their underground passageways and preventing entry of floods. Shamballa, Earlyne says, is her capital. Agarta is made up of vast continents, oceans, mountains and rivers. He says the population is far more advanced than ours. She also says the civilizations of Yukatan, Peru, Brazil, Cambodia and Tibet have also gone underground. She says many of our spacecraft come from inland. She confirms that the Earth has an inner sun and that Aurora Borealis is a reflection of it. She also confirms that there are openings on both sexes as Admiral Byrd said.

The interesting thing about this is that over the last thirty years, the Egyptian government has found many of these tunnels and tried to investigate them. They have recently been sealed for fear that tourists and visitors might get stuck in them and be lost forever. An absolutely fascinating piece in the book by Robert Stacy-Judd, a well-known California archeologist who talks about staying on the Yukatan and entering the Loltun Cave in company with six explorers. They finally descended far into the depths of the earth and got lost. They were worried when, suddenly, far from the depths of the earth, light came upon them. That light was a torch carried by an old blind hermit who told them he saw them with the help of clairvoyance and knew they were lost. Although blind, he led them back to the earth's surface.

The men were grateful and asked him where he lived. The old blind hermit told them that the cave was his home and that he came out every few months. When asked how he survived and found food and drink, he said he was being cared for by "friends" living in the depths of the country in a beautiful inner city. He paused long enough to be photographed, then disappeared back into the cave.

I personally attended a lecture by a woman named Sharula and her husband, Shield, who claimed to be 350 years old and came from the underground city of Telos, apparently located a few miles below Mt. Shasta. I listened to their lectures very carefully and I have to admit that they were both very firm and knew what they were saying in a spiritual sense. I agreed with everything they said, but I have to admit that I doubted her claim to be over three hundred and fifty years old.

The next day I was at a healing treatment with a psychic friend. I told her about the lecture and what was said, she asked for a picture of that person. A friend of mine said that looking at a picture can tell if what Sharula said is true. I had a bulletin board in my car with a picture of both Shield and Sharula.

Looking at the picture and her aura from the picture, a friend of mine said that her aura was completely different from a normal human aura, and that she felt a great possibility that what was said about her age and home was true. My own intuition and inner leadership also felt this was true. It was interesting to get this second confirmation as well.

There are underground tunnels and cities at different levels of the Earth's crust throughout this planet. Many of these creatures now surface, as do aliens from other planets now come in large numbers.

Channeling Djwhal Khul about the cavity of the Earth

Whenever I research a particular topic I like to get feedback from Djwhal Khul on what I have found. Presenting to him what I have told you in this book, he has some interesting things to add.

First, he confirmed that Admiral Byrd did indeed travel inland, as he said. He said that there is sun in the inner land, but it is different from our outer sun. He said the aurora borealis was not caused by the sun from the interior, but from a different light source. He said the openings on the poles are very wide and that ships and planes can get inside, but are naturally protected by some kind of energy field. People can find them if they look for them, but they are a little masked by this energy field.

He confirmed that there were entrances to the interior country in Egypt, Tibet and Yukatan, and added that there were entrances in the Bermuda Triangle, the Soviet Union and Africa.

He said that there are different races in the inner country just like on the surface of the earth and some of them are quite high. He also confirmed that the United States government and other countries are aware of the internal country and that they are hiding the fact as well as that of aliens. He also confirmed Earlyn's story of Annu and their escape to the tunnels before the flood, but also added that long before the arrival of the Atlanteans, there were living beings.

Among Native Americans, Navajo legends learn that the antecedents of humans came underground. The ancients possessed supernatural powers and were driven out of their dwellings with a great flood. On the surface, they conveyed their vast knowledge to the human race before searching for their secret sanctuary again.

The mythology of the Pueblo Indians also locates their divine origin in the inland. The assumption is that the inner world is connected to humans on the surface with an opening in the north.

The ancient texts of the Chinese, Egyptians, and Eskimos speak of a great opening in the North and of a race of people living beneath the earth's crust. The texts say that their ancestors came from paradise inland.

In Buddhist tradition, ancient philosophy says that Agarta was first colonized thousands of years ago when a holy man led a tribe that disappeared underground. The current population of this subterranean kingdom is believed to number many millions, and it is believed that these people possess far superior science than any that exists on the surface of the earth. That science involves underground cars moving tremendously through underground tunnels.

In the ancient legends of Quetzalcoatal, which was the great Avatar of the races of Aztec and Maya, ancient tradition tells how He disappeared on a flying saucer for eight days and visited the underworld.

Russian researcher Ferdinand Ossendowski, author of Beasts, Men and Gods, recounts his own experiences in Mongolia. In his travels, he came across Mongolian legends about believing in the underworld of Agarta, ruled by the King of the World, who resides in the holy city of Shamballa. Legend goes on to say that in ancient times, the Mongol tribe hid in an underground country in an attempt to escape Genghis Khan. They were shown a door that served as an entrance to the kingdom of Agartha.

According to Ossendewski, considered the greatest authority on the underworld, Agarta extends through underground tunnels to all parts of the world. These tunnels extend beneath both the oceans and all continents of the earth, and there are vehicles moving through those tunnels. He believes that both Atlantis and Lemuria have taken refuge there.

Hidden cities

In addition to the cavity of the earth itself, there are over 100 underground colonies or cities below the earth's surface. These underground cities are called the "Agarta Network". All but one are located inside the earth's crust not far below the earth's surface. These cities are of different customs, but follow the usual spiritual structure of life.
These underground cities follow Melchizedek's teachings. Melchizedek's teachings are an ancient clergy that spreads the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood through the known and unknown universe. The average population of these cities is 500,000. One of the biggest is the one I mentioned, Telos, below Mt. Shasta. It has over 1.5 million inhabitants.

Another colony of approximately the same size is located below the Matto Grosso region in Brazil. That Atlantis settlement is called Posid. Although Atlantis and Lemuria have become myths for most people on the surface of the earth, in reality they are just continuing their evolution underground.

Other capital cities of the inner world include Shonshe, a haven of Uighur culture, a branch of the Lemurians. The entrance is guarded by Himalayan lasers and the population is three quarters of a million.

Rama is from the surface city of Rama, India located near Jaipur. The population is one million and residents are known for their classic Hindu characteristics.

Shingwa is a remnant of northern Uighur migration and is located on the border of Mongolia and China. The population is 3/4 million.

Admiral Byrd's diary

In my research for this book, I had the opportunity to obtain a copy of Admiral Byrd's diary. I would like to quote a small part of his experience about getting in through an opening on a pole and traveling by plane to one of the capital cities in the center of the country. Before quoting Admiral Byrd, I will prepare the ground.

They flew over a beautiful lush plain with mountains, rivers and streams. At one point Admiral Byrd saw something that at first looked like an elephant, but then he realized that it was a mammoth, prehistoric dinosaur. The outside air temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Their radio did not work.

Suddenly, a beautiful rainbow city appeared in front of them, and on their side wings were two disc-shaped flying saucers. The engines of the aircraft stopped and the vehicle was now under the control of the flying saucer. The plane was dropped and Admiral Byrd was taken to meet the King of the Hollow Earth Civilization. At this point I will not quote directly from Admiral Byrd's diary.

"We have allowed you to come in here because you are of noble character and are well known in the outside world of the Admiral. I was panting under my breath! Yes, the Lord replies with a smile, you are from the area of ​​Arianni, the inner world of the earth. We will not delay your mission for long and you will be safely escorted back to the surface. But now, Admiral, I'll tell you why you're invited here.

"Our interest begins the moment your race dropped the first atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. At that alarming moment, we sent our Flugelradse flying machines to your surface world to investigate what your race did. This is, of course, now my dear Admiral's past, but I must continue. You see, we have never before interfered with the wars and barbarism of your race. But now we have to, because you have learned to interfere with certain forces that are not for humans, specifically those atomic energies. Our envoys have already delivered the messages of our world, and yet you do not pay attention to it. You have now been chosen to witness here our world. You see, our culture and science is many thousands of years ahead of your race, Admiral. I interrupted him, "But what do I have to do with that, sir?"

"The Lord's eyes seemed to penetrate deep into my mind, and after examining me for a few moments he replied, your race has now reached a point from which there is no turning back, for there are among you who would rather destroy your world than relinquish your power ... I nodded and the Master continued: In 1945 and after that we tried to make contact with your race, but our attempts were met with hostility, our flugelrads were shot. Yes, they were even pursued with malice and hostility by your warplanes. So, now I'm telling you, my son, there's a big upheaval in your world, a black fury that won't wear off in many years. You will have no answer in your hands, you will have no security in your science. It can rage until every flower of your culture is tarnished and all human things collapsed into great chaos. Your recent war was just a foreplay of what was about to hit your race. We see it here every moment much clearer ... Are you saying I'm wrong? "I mean, I answered. It has happened once before, the Dark Ages have arisen and have lasted for over five hundred years. "

"Yes, my son, replied the Master. The dark age that will now afflict your race will cover the earth like a dead cover, but I believe some of your race will survive the storm. I can't say more than that. We see far ahead, a new world is moving from the ruins of your race, searching for your losses and legendary treasures, and it will be here, my son, safe under our protection. When that time comes, we will come again to help revive your culture and your race. Maybe by then you will have learned the vanity of war and its dissolution ... and after that time, part of your culture and science will be returned to your race for a fresh start. You, my son, will return to the surface world with this message ... "

After this conversation, Admiral Byrd and his crew were taken out of the big city and taken to their plane. The plane ascended into the air with the help of some invisible force back to the opening at the poles on the ground. Their plane was surrendered to their command and before they became aware they were flying back across vast areas of ice and snow.

On March 11, 1947, Admiral Byrd attended a staff meeting at the Pentagon and was ordered to remain silent about all he had learned for the benefit of humanity. He was reminded that he was a soldier and that he had to obey the orders.

Another interesting note is that Harley Byrd, Admiral Byrd's nephew, continued his uncle's work. He revealed that 77 alien bodies were taken from an underground city and were secretly studied by the United States government in large repositories. He said he saw photographs as well as bodies in large storage rooms when he worked in the offices of the United States Air Force Blue Book Project in the 1950s. At the end of his life, Admiral Byrd finally decided that he could no longer hide his experiences, and his diary and memories became available to the world.

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