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About Light

The concept "light" is a most misunderstood term. True light is awesome. It is so far beyond its common English usage in conjunction with such things as neon, sun,flash, bud and; "do you have a light please?" etc. Let it put it this way; "we are victims of indirect lighting'. Whatever romance we have created by using light in this manner has now lost its charm. Direct lighting is the wave of the future. As mission members, we are specifically here to plug into that high-voltage line. Let us become conscious of this word's meaning as we use it. Light is the force of reclamation, stewarded by the power of creation.
Light is nothing less than life itself.

An extraterrestrial is not an alien. An alien is an alien. An extraterrestrial is a responsible citizen of the cosmos, not a foreigner adrift among the stars. Extraterrestrials are representatives of light, protectors of life, and lovers of the planets. They are indigenous to any planet they happen to be on by virtue of their citizenship, regardless of their planet of origin.
An extraterrestrial is a being who is in sympathetic harmony with the essence of its genesis.

There are people on earth who have expressed a certain neurotic fear about an alien invasion. That fear has been triggered by a nagging sense that in a limitless universe there just might be other intelligent life. We need not scour the skies for evidence of an alien invasion. Look around you instead.
Look at those who are peddling fear, vending death, and poisoning the planet. Look at those who hide the truth so that the power they have derived from lying will not be threatened. This is the alien invasion people worry about, the one which is externalized and fear. It is also the one that surrounds us and the one we have been living for thousands of years. There is no point in fearing an invasion of aliens, since the invasion has already happened and the aliens are already here.
The invitation to enter into the light is extended to all humankind, aliens included, for aliens are only extraterrestrials who have chosen to stand in the darkness, live a lie, and wear a disguise.
What is your mission on Earth ? Difficulties in remembering ?

About falling asleep

Don 't blame yourself, keep smiling as most of us are having the same difficulties. Upon arrival on the Earth plane, our instructions were to completely fall asleep-just like the local population. We agreed to totally forget our true identity and everything we knew. Since most of us entered as babies, this was not so difficult. Every institution in the culture supported this memory loss, and it became easier as the years went on. Any inadvertent slips on our part most likely occurred during our childhood and were easily dismissed as the result of an over-active imagination.

About the dysfunctionality of this world
Since imagination threatens the dysfunctionality of this world, it was probably drummed out of us as soon as possibly by the adults inhabitants of the planet. What our parents were unable to suppress, the school and medical system likely made short and excellent work of, as this is their specialty. In this manner, the local planetary inhabitants unwittingly assisted in maintaining in the secrecy of our presence and the security of our mission. In short, we must be able to pass for a local, and we are not allowed to fake it. Total dysfunctionality must be achieved before we can commence.

Remembering our true identity
When we start remembering our true identity, the humor of it may not be immediately evident. The complete procedure entails waking up to our true identity and forgetting everything we learned up until this point so that we can remember what we actually knew before we got here. In other words, we are to junk the entire identity we just spent a lifetime laboriously creating. Do you see now why sometimes the humor may escape us ? This is the procedure to understand.
About why such a torturous route?
Some of us are probably wondering why such a torturous route was chosen to get to the desired destination. The reason why we are wondering this is because we have been on this planet too long and have absorbed some, if not all, of its dysfunctional thinking. Keep in mind that this planet is no model for rational thought, and that which passes for sanity here is sending chills down the spine of the reminder of the universe. The need to absorb the dysfunctionality of this planet is in order to legitimately disarm its patterns. Any other method would constitute an invasion, and we do not invade.

About Pre-Encoded Activation
The starseed that comprise this mission were pre-encoded to awaken at this time. That means that their DNA structure were genetically designed to go off, like time bombs, at a designated moment in order to accommodate more light than the current human model was prepared to entertain. The time for genetic detonation is now.

The Dimensional Shift
Time/space anomalies are being experienced on our planet at this very moment. Most people have the nagging sense that there isn't as much time as there used to be. This is usually expressed as; "isn't time flying ?". The reason for this sensation of less time is because there is less time. In order for a dimensional shift to occur, time is collapsing to create a new dimensional space. Conversely, space is collapsing to create a new dimensional time.

The genetic shift
Another interesting aspect of this anomaly is that our DNA codes were set to go off "now" before we left. As you have noticed, that this not occur at our birth, or at any other time, until now. Even though we have lived through many "nows",we have not yet lived through this one. The genetic shift is triggered by "now" to accommodate more "now", and the degree of our awakening is in direct relation to the degree of "now" that we are experiencing, because "now" determines that process of awakening.

As the transmutation of genetic structure unfolds throughout the planet, our pre-encoded genetic program will activate. For a time, we will groggily begin the process of deprogramming from the old systems. Our identity will begin its march out of the third dimension while our personality and ego may be more inclined to cling to the sinking ship. As the old programs of a dying world begin to unravel, we may experience a little discomfort, such as if our entire world is falling apart. It may be useful during this transition to remember that we are an interdimensional master who is an expert at transmuting crumbling realities. We have done this many times before.

Earth birthing process into the light
All what we have endured during our stay on Planet earth is extremely valuable. What is of interest is not the information concerning the nature and effects of human dysfuncionality published in the controlled media, but the fact that we endured human denial is of great importance. Why ? Because, as we transmute, all the dysfunctional patterns that we have willingly taken on will transmute with us. Although we may not easily recall our agreement to do this to assist the Earth in her birthing process into the light. The nature of the agreement was that we would willingly transmute the denial we have born, who we have been erroneously told we are, and all that have come to humanly present. We agreed to transmute all this very fabric that is to become the new garment of a transfigured world. Consequently, our debriefing process is very important, because it is a sacred act.
The second coming
The second coming is imminent, and we may as well get ready. This is a particular good idea because we are it. We are the second coming. For this reason become your own Messiah-why wait ?

The messiah Complex
The burden of Spiritual Significance, like the Messiah Complex, is a trap better not to get caught in. The problem with Spiritual Significance is that it is a by-product of spiritual ambition and, as such, it would best be our spiritual ambition to avoid. Acts of spiritual ambition are, by their nature, devoid of Spirit. They will only result in separating us from Spirit and, therefore, our mission. This is not to say that we don't do anything of any spiritual consequence while visiting this planet. It is our job to have here a spiritual impact, otherwise we would have better stayed home. However, becoming entangled in the "importance" of our acts will lead us into an identity that is less than who we really are.

At this time of transition, let us be very careful about who and what we are following. In fact, if we are following at all, that is the first indication that we are off track. For those of you who are still the students of gurus, it is recommended to use discernment. This is no longer the time of great spiritual teachers. It is now the time of great spirits instead. The shift from master/student to just plain master may cause a temporary unemployment in India and elsewhere, but don't be alarmed.

About Transmutation

Transmutation is not to be confused with transformation.

This world had to go through thousands of years of transforming before it was in a position to transmute. That cycle of transformation is now complete, and the transmutative cycle has begun. Transmutation is a genetic change at the cellular level, which is now in process for all life forms on this planet. The Earth, who is a living conscious, has made her decision, determined her course, and begun her dimensional shift.


Spirit is the driving force behind this mission as well as its designer. It is the reason our great forces are now assembled here. It is also the reason you, our mission members, willingly chose to incarnate on this seemingly hostile and backward planet. We all came at Spirit's call. Everything and everyone in every universe rightfully belongs to Spirit. Spirit is the power that breathes life in all created form. Spirit is life's true identity, as well as its long-awaited beloved. Spirit is the source, it is love, it is all.


We have noticed that your idea of intelligence and our idea of intelligence have very little to do with one another. For instance, you call yourselves an intelligent species, yet you are dangerously close to make your planet uninhabitable by anything other than asphalt. You have also managed to place yourselves at the top of the endangered-species list. May we point out that even a virus demonstrates a more astute grasp of its situation than that. The only reason a virus is inclined to trash out its environment is in its well-calculated attempt to maintain its life.

Intelligence is the force of life expressing itself in created form

It exists in all life, regardless of whether it has a brain or not. Through the misuse of your mental processes, you have come to regard intelligence as the part of one-upmanship in acts of spiritual barbarism. You have somehow managed to reduce rationality to mental faculty that enables you to to grab the most the fastest. Meanwhile, true intelligence is an alignment with the matrix of creation and its source. It is an allegiance to light and an embracing of life, not a demonstration of how adept you are at the act of denial.


This is a difficult word to define because there really isn't any such thing. What we mean by that is that there is no single reality, here or anywhere else. There are as many different realities on this planet as there are people alive to create them all. And what passes for global reality is merely a group consensus on a few minor points. From there on out, it's every man and woman for him or herself.

The reality that you live is nothing more than an audio-visual demonstration of where your attention is.


Some of you are in such a state of shock from finding yourselves in the third dimension that, in protest, you have refused to land. Mission control would like to point out that you are useless to the mission if you are still circling the planet in a holding pattern. We would also like to point out that it was your choice to sign up for this mission, not ours.
Culture Shock

Culture shock is unavoidable as you begin to awaken to our presence as well as your own. Although you are all already veteran travelers of the dimensions, your true identity will be a news flash to your third-dimensional consciousness.

The Yo-Yo Effect

The yo-yo effect is a name we came up with to describe the bodily and emotional changes you may feel as the transmutative process kicks into full gear. Cellular transmutations is necessary to accommodate your evolutionary leap into Light, but since this process is physical, it has some attendant symptoms that you might as well get acquainted with.


Mission Control acknowledges that the process of waking up is a little tricky. Even though you are genetically encoded to do so, by the time you reach the point of activation, you will be totally convinced that you are Earthling. You will most likely be exhibiting their worst characteristics plus wearing any number of their scary disguises.

You may find yourself in the middle class, a self-made man, a self denying woman terminally confused, completely content, following a guru, joining gun clubs, sweating your mortgage, watching TV, defending your nationality, owned by your corporations, taking care of your lawn, dialing for dollars, a "victim" of religion, seeing a shrink, jogging in circles, doing lunch, an attorney and so on.

The Intergalactic Board of Realtors.

The old world's systems are in collapse. Those who wish to continue in those systems will be graciously asked to leave, because their motivator, fear and greed, is being relocated to another planet where its subdivisions are still welcome. The Intergalactic Board of Realtors has already placed this planet on an Interdimensional Multiple Listing for recolonizing by the Forces of Light.

The Interuniversal Banking Community

The members of the Interuniversal Banking Community are here to assist in dismantling the dysfunctionality of this world's economic structure. They are artists in the use of plastic currency and are armed with true Master Cards, unlimited credit, and the knowledge of how to charge everything. The basis of their mastery lies in their complete understanding of the plastic nature of reality itself. They are not confused by form; they create it.


The 1990s are the decade of The Great Awakening. By comparison, the '90s are destined to make the 60s look like little more than an episode out of "Leave it to the Beaver."In this decade, the second wave of extraterrestrials will remember who they are. This newly awakening group constitutes the majority of the beings on this planet who are carrying within their genetic structure the seeds of a new consciousness. This tide of consciousness is an unstoppable force, and its impact is destined to sweep across and shape the borders of the incoming millennium. The Great Awakening is a manifestation of the Victory of Light that has already been accomplished beyond this plane and now has only to play itself out on this dimension.
Another great source of assistance on this mission will be extended to you by the generation that follows. This manual is primarily directed at the vanguard of this mission whose task is to cut the pathway to a new civilization. However, the generation that you have prepared the way for is right behind you. They are the builders of the civilization for which you now establish the foundation.
Throughout the process of your awakening and beyond, you have the right to call upon Mission Control, the Council Seats, all Alliances, Federations and Confederations of Light, and every kingdom of this planet for assistance. That is just to name a few of your resources. You are a member in good standing of this mission and we urge you to exercise your rights. This is not only for your protection; it is the very means by which higher dimensional energies can legitimately gain entry onto this plane.
Mission Control is aware that many of you are very weary and discouraged with this mission. From your current perception, we know it looks pretty bleak down there. To watch world systems in decay, ambulatory insanity at the helm, denial on a rampage, humanity down each other's throats, and a dying biosphere is probably not your idea of a good time.
The best cure for battle fatigue is not to battle. Although you may find it difficult not to inject a little sanity into the lemming-like rush towards death you see all around you, do not intercede. The old world is dying. It must and will come down. The best you can do is allow it to die as gracefully as possible. Whatever you put your attention on increases. For the sake of the ecosystem and the new emerging civilization, remove your attention from the death process and place it on the process of birth instead. Misplaced attention will just act to prolong the ending's agony and delay of your inevitable, exalted future.
Because we do not have a millennium to spare, Mission Control has not left the process of reawakening solely in your hands. Alliances, commands, and transition teams have been sent in to facilitate your awakening and help snap you out of your coma. Please be on the lookout for these energies.
As a member of this mission and its planetary transition team, you should be aware of the presence of the Quark Alliance. Although you cannot join this alliance, it is joining you, so we are including a short explanation of its function in this section of the manual for your information.
The Royal Celestial Air Force is many, many times vaster than all the national air forces of this planet combined. It is a division of the High Command of Light. As such, its strength is greater than any military force this planet has ever beheld.
This entry is not for your assistance; it is for ours. Some of our technicians have lodged a complaint and requested that we place it in this manual. As mentioned elsewhere, all members of this mission are under constant surveillance by our monitoring staff. In many cases, this has gotten to be quite a bore, and some of our personnel are having trouble staying awake at their panels. They are wondering whether you have forgotten why you are on this planet and would appreciate a little more activity in conjunction with this mission. So, for their sake as well as the planet's, will you please step on it? Their job description does not include monitoring an entire squadron that is asleep at the wheel.
The Galactic Forces of Light respectfully requests your presence at "a come-as-you-are party" We know that this mission is not easy. We also know that many tears have been shed in the awesome process of its spiritual unfoldment. Be consoled in knowing that all tears are soon to be wiped from your eyes and all your pain dismissed and forgotten. The glory and and joy of what is about to transpire will render all you have endured a minor expense, a price you would be more than willing to pay again.
This is Mission Control
Over and Out.

From; E.T. 101 (The Cosmic Instruction Manual from Mission Control)


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