Knowledge Is a Currency Of The Universe


It is also possible that what is happening to the abductees is the beginning of something much bigger. This could be the beginning of a plan for global modification that will involve more and more people over time. Some estimates from the S.A.D. suggest that approximately 20% of all Americans already describe events related to the kidnapping phenomenon. From my own work with abductees, I believe a similar percentage of people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are involved in this. In the past three years, I have been contacted by more than 200 people, all of whom have described almost identical experiences in disbelief. It is, however, just the tip of the iceberg. 20% is much more than one hypothesis can explain. As the Harvard psychiatrist prof. John Mack wrote, "Maybe we're all kidnapped - one way or another."

Preparing for a future global event

I am convinced that the alien intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon is in the process of preparing for something very big. In all myths, and in all religions, the gods are said to promise to return. I find it hard not to believe that we are faced with just that. It may not happen in my lifetime, but it is possible that it will not be long after.

We need to be prepared for this event, because whatever happens will affect all of us. All of us. This means that we will be part of a global, or even universal, event - and we still know very little about what will happen. At the very least, it’s time for everyone to think about the opportunities that await us.

From the beginning of history people have been taken into the hands of gods and devils, or fairies, elves and goblins. Today they are alien beings. Sometimes witnesses just hear thunder or see something like a bright flash of light. Sometimes they see airships in the clouds above them and believe they are ships from Magnolia or some other mysterious place. Sometimes they watch bizarre airships hanging in the sky, or they may come into contact with Zeta Reticuli spacecraft. These material manifestations have only a secondary meaning. They depend on the time in which the person lives. They depend on a person’s beliefs and knowledge, and his or her hopes and fears.

The basic model of contacts of these cunning intelligences and us for millennia is the same. We can choose to deny the reality of that model. We can believe that the abducted people were just drunkards or had visions, or dreamed, hallucinated, or invented fairy tales. We should also believe that these people - from all over the world - have tried to make fools of us and have been trying for centuries! If you want to believe it - you can. You decide what to do with this information.

No matter how you decide to deny their existence, it will not prevent "Others". They will continue to appear among us with a series of masks and deceptive camouflages. He will continue to kidnap people and continue his mysterious journey.

Throughout all the millennia of human history, no one has been able to analyze these beings. We were the first to begin to suspect something and to question their behavior. And - what if our own questioning and our own suspicion brought them here in the first place? Can their actions be just a mirror of our actions; our relationship to nature? Could that intelligence be a terrifying reflection of ourselves - reflected back to us as a UFO phenomenon?

Although we ask questions and seek the truth about the “Others,” we are still, ladies and gentlemen, light years away from the answers.

Dr. Johannes Fiebag

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