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 Mental illness is primarily diagnosed as a mental disorder and is thus treated. However, the cause of many cases of mental illness is in the spiritual dimension, which is why they cannot be completely cured by conventional psychiatric methods. When the cause of the problem is of a spiritual nature, it can only be cured by spiritual measures.

Excessive sexual thoughts usually occur in adolescence. They often affect a person while working or studying. As a result, the person finds it difficult to concentrate because these thoughts often distract him and he eventually begins to have sexual fantasies. Despite a sincere effort to focus on commitments, sexual thoughts keep coming back and it is very difficult to fight them.

Nowadays, in addition to many external influences, excessive sexual thoughts in most cases have their own spiritual cause and are the result of the actions of negative entities. The negative entity implants sexual thoughts in the mind of the individual it has occupied and thus uses it to satisfy its sexual lust.

Only a spiritually exalted person, who is above 70% of the spiritual level, using his highly developed sixth sense can tell exactly whether the problem is caused by something in the subtle dimension or is the cause of a psychological or physical nature. (In determining one's spiritual level, we use percentages, with 1% corresponding to the spiritual level of an inanimate object and 100% corresponding to the spiritual level of a person who has attained God-realization, ie merging with God. We currently live in the Kaliyuga age of 20%.)

For those who do not have a developed sixth sense or do not have access to spiritually exalted people, there is a way to use intellect to conclude whether the cause of the problem is in the subtle dimension - if sexual thoughts cannot be overcome despite all common methods, then it can be said they have a spiritual cause, and nowadays it is very likely that the cause is related to negative entities.

Since excessive sexual thoughts have their own spiritual cause, in addition to the prescribed treatment, the problem should be treated with appropriate spiritual measures in order to obtain quick and lasting results.

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