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 Regression - (from lat. Regero = to lead back; to reciprocate), any process that moves backwards (the opposite term is progression). In philosophy, the term expresses the process of searching for the cause starting from the effect, from the consequences to the beginning. This process can be identified with the analytical or inductive method.

When talking about hypnosis - working with it - regression is most often mentioned! And that regression into what we call past lives. But this is only one part of the work that uses regression, and is more common in using symptom research to clarify and find the cause of a problem like phobias. For example, in "browsing" early childhood or searching for hidden memories.

In order for a person to regress at all, he needs to be brought into what we call an "altered state of consciousness" or to a place we call the subconscious, and his state in hypnosis should be somnambulistic.

So it would be wise to first clarify something about that place - the place we call the subconscious.

subconscious, psychological state of mind, or the presumed "layer" of the psyche, inaccessible to self-perception which (according to some theories of psychoanalysis or deep psychology) is below the threshold of conscious obviousness, but significantly affects the mentality and general behavior of the individual; psychic processes that take place "on the edge", "on the periphery" of consciousness.

subconscious - (lat. inconscium; in = not and conscium = known), denotes the unconscious area of ​​the human psyche. In philosophy and psychology it denotes knowledge and ideas that do not come from experience. The term is important in deep psychology according to which conscious content is the fruit of processes that are not under the control of consciousness but precede it; they are called subconscious.

In essence, we only come across possibilities of explanation, which we may or may not like, we may or may not believe in them. So everything I write will be a variety of possibilities. Which is explained by the fact that my state of consciousness is not necessarily yours. But such a view is just another reason why it would not be wise to collectivize even the subconscious in some group and generally valid formula.

Everything about the subconscious so far said / written through psychology, history, religion, philosophy - is done from this conscious state. With the indication that some authors have brought themselves to that place. Which again means nothing because everyone saw what they saw, and that too is different.

But this is precisely the reason why it is defined differently - more precisely in terms of what it is and what is in it. But this is great because many who "enter" it independently and without suggestion when they see "the same" - then we can talk about something more realistic, but again just the possibilities of events.

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