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The Richat Structure is a strange structure at first glance, round in shape and visible from space, around it we see the remains of salt and it seems to remind us of what Plato said in his writings and who heard it from his uncle, who is supposedly the same miracle in Egypt when he was on a trip, thus a description of a city that is active both at night and during the day, that has several levels and that is surrounded by water and is round in shape. Is it a meteor strike, or is it a volcanic formation, or is it the lost city of Altantid after all.

Long ago, the Sahara was not a desert but rather a temperate region, full of vibrant rivers, lakes, and greenery. For uncertain reasons, this changed. As it transformed into a barren wasteland, great amounts of weathering peeled away layers of hard and soft rock.

What is surprising to me is that the structure was only discovered in 1965 from space. Gemini IV's four-day flight featured not only the first American spacewalk but the first images of our planet.

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