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What is a market cap on crypto?

The market cap of a cryptocurrency is determined by the current price multiplied by the circulating supply: Market Cap = Price (X times) Circulating Supply. 

Coinmarketcap is currently the most popular website to keep track of market cap of cryptocurrencies and to get an overview of how popular each currency is.

Is crypto market cap legit?

While some users report a positive experience using CoinMarketCap, according to many of the 286 customer reviews on which only averaged 1.4 out of 5 stars, CoinMarketCap is seen as one of the least trustworthy crypto listing services in the industry.

Does market cap matter in crypto?

Many think that only price determines a cryptocurrency's worth, but it's actually the market cap that paints the complete picture and represents the true worth of cryptocurrencies. It's an important metric that can help show a cryptocurrency's growth and how it compares to competing crypto assets.

Is market cap better high or low in crypto?

It is because the higher the market cap of a cryptocurrency, the more dominant it is considered to be in the market. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is an indicator that measures the total value of a cryptocurrency. The stock market cap is calculated by multiplying the share price by times the shares outstanding

Is low market cap good crypto?

Market cap is a primary measure of total value. When altcoins have a high market cap, they are usually seen as more reliable – based on the assumption that more people have invested in that cryptocurrency – and when they have a low market cap they are seen as speculative, new, and less reliable cryptocurrencies.

Is market cap a good indicator?

Market cap is often used to determine a company's size, then evaluate the company's financial performance to other companies of various sizes. In investing, companies with larger market capitalization are often safer investments as they represent more established companies with generally longer history in business.

Is market cap more important than price?

Market cap is a useful measure of a company's overall value, as the market sees it. Because different corporations have different amounts of shares available for trading, the market cap produces an apples-to-apples comparison regardless of the actual price of a company's stock.

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