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DERO is privacy coin, decentralized coin focused on layer 1 privacy smart contract platform using technology homomorphic encryption, not a hype project.

Can be found on:

KuCoin, CoinEx, TradeOgre, ViteX, STEX,...

Some tips from DERO twiter:

1] Not your Keys NOT your coins.

2] Never count on anything unless in your physical possession. 

3] Keep calm and focus. You are ahead of more than 99%.  

Spend some time to learn how daemon, wallets etc. work for particular blockchains.

Learning is must to survive. 

DERO never reveals your balances or amounts transferred to anyone.

Funds receiver party never gets to know sender's remaining balances after funds transfer to receiver. 

DERO is built using Homomorphic Encryption.

Entire DERO network is always encrypted and your balances & transactions with other wallets is done always in encrypted state. 

DERO does not need to decrypt your balance for any transfers. DERO always performs calculations on encrypted balance/data.

DERO is a new blockchain technology written in Golang with a focus on enhanced Privacy and Smart Contracts while maintaining the transparency and security of the blockchain. 

The goal is to create a unique state of the art blockchain technology with enhanced Reliability, Privacy, Security, Usability, and Portability by bringing together some of the best proven technologies. 

These technologies will include Homomorphic Encryption, Services and Smart Contracts which will allow for the creation and execution of Decentralized Applications on a Secure Private Blockchain.

DERO Crypto

Secure and fast crypto is the basic necessity of this project and adequate amount of time has been devoted to develop/study/implement/audit it. 

Most of the crypto such as ring signatures have been studied by various researchers and are in production by number of projects. 

As far as the Bulletproofs are considered, since DERO is the first one to implement/deploy, they have been given a more detailed look.

 First, a bare bones bulletproofs was implemented, then implementations in development were studied (Benedict Bunz,XMR, Dalek Bulletproofs) and thus improving our own implementation.

Some new improvements were discovered and implemented (There are number of other improvements which are not explained here). 

Major improvements are in the Double-Base Double-Scalar Multiplication while validating bulletproofs. 

A typical bulletproof takes ~15-17 ms to verify. Optimised bulletproofs takes ~1 to ~2 ms(simple bulletproof, no aggregate/batching). 

Since, in the case of bulletproofs the bases are fixed, we can use precompute table to convert 64*2 Base Scalar multiplication into doublings and additions (NOTE: We do not use Bos-Coster/Pippienger methods). 

This time can be again easily decreased to .5 ms with some more optimizations. With batching and aggregation, 5000 range-proofs (~2500 TX) can be easily verified on even a laptop. 

The implementation for bulletproofs is in , optimized version is in

There are other optimizations such as base-scalar multiplication could be done in less than a microsecond. Some of these optimizations are not yet deployed and may be deployed at a later stage.

Client Protocol

Traditional Blockchains process blocks as single unit of computation(if a double-spend tx occurs within the block, entire block is rejected). 

However DERO network accepts such blocks since DERO blockchain considers transaction as a single unit of computation.

DERO blocks may contain duplicate or double-spend transactions which are filtered by client protocol and ignored by the network. DERO DAG processes transactions atomically one transaction at a time.

DERO Rocket BulletProofs

Dero ultrafast bulletproofs optimization techniques in the form used did not exist anywhere in publicly available cryptography literature at the time of implementation. 

Please contact for any source/reference to include here if it exists. Ultrafast optimizations verifies Dero bulletproofs 10 times faster than other/original bulletproof implementations. 


DERO rocket bulletproof implementations are hardened, which protects DERO from certain class of attacks.

DERO rocket bulletproof transactions structures are not compatible with other implementations.

Also there are several optimizations planned in near future in Dero rocket bulletproofs which will lead to several times performance boost. 

Presently they are under study for bugs, verifications, compatibilty etc.

DERO Wallet

DERO cmdline wallet is most reliable and has support of all functions. Cmdline wallet is most secure and reliable.

DERO cmdline wallet is menu based and very easy to operate. Use various options to create, recover, transfer balance etc.

DERO Web Wallet

Web Wallet runs in your browser, your seeds, keys etc. never leave your browser.


DERO Explorer is used to check and confirm transaction on DERO Network.

Proving DERO Transactions

DERO blockchain is completely private, so anyone cannot view, confirm, verify any other’s wallet balance or any transactions. So to prove any transaction you require Tx private key and receiver address.

Tx private key can be obtained using get_tx_key command in dero-wallet-cli.

Enter the Tx private key and receiver address in DERO EXPLORER

How to buy

Step 1: Create a free account on the Exchange website or the app.

tep 2: Choose how you want to buy the Dero (DERO) asset.

Each Exchange provides several methods of payment for you to choose from. These are among the most frequently used:

Credit Card or Debit Card: This is the simplest method for new users to buy Dero (DERO). Almost all Exchanges support both Visa and Mastercard.

Bank Deposit: Transfer fiat money from your bank account to your Exchange via SWIFT, then utilize the funds therein to purchase Dero (DERO).

P2P Trading: Some Exchanges provide a peer-to-peer service. You may purchase Dero (DERO) directly from other users.

Third-Party Payment: For third-party payment channels, there are many choices. You may need to check your Exchange FAQ to see which are offered.

Step 3: Confirm your order.

You can start purchasing Dero (DERO) once your account has been funded and you have been authenticated. Depending on the exchange you choose, this process may differ. For example, some exchanges offer a process that only requires you to click a Buy or Sell button and then enter the amount of Dero (DERO) you wish to purchase (or sell).

Most cryptocurrency exchanges typically include at least three fundamental order types:

Market Order: easiest option to use if all you want to do is purchase Dero (DERO) at the current rate. Depending on the time of day, this type of order is typically finished in a couple of seconds.

Stop Order: an order allows you to purchase or sell Dero at a specified price. This type is useful if you want to sell Dero (DERO) before it drops too much. Depending on how quickly the market changes, this kind of order may take some time to execute.

Limit Order: tell the exchange to carry out a purchase or sell order at a particular price or better. Limit orders take longer to fill than stop orders since they are visible to the market.

Step 4: Store or use your DERO in your Exchange wallet.

Once you've purchased your cryptocurrency, you may either hold it in your account or save it in your personal cryptocurrency wallet. For additional passive revenue, you can trade it for other cryptocurrencies or stake it on your Exchange. 

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