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Orgone, that wonderful energy! How familiar are we? What do we know about her? How to get it as clean as possible? How to use it in the best possible way? How to get to her?


ORGON or ODIC FORCE is a life force, i.e. energy known under the names of Prana, Chi, etc. It is the life energy from which all living beings are woven and from which they live. In some ancient times, it was clean and unpolluted, so people were healthier because of that, but with time and pollution, this wonderful energy became more and more polluted, and people got sicker.

The harmful radiations that are everywhere around us and the negative energies of people who consciously or unconsciously send them out are polluting, i.e. disrupting the purity of orgone. In this way, unfortunately, the pure orgone energy that everyone needs for life and health becomes impure and poses a problem in their health to many people.

Motivated by such a state of impurity of orgone energy, people for centuries and years sought a way to purify it through various meditations, crystals and other numerous methods, for the purpose of self-help cleaning the body from negative and harmful energies and self-help for healing.Our mother Earth, our beautiful planet, has its own ozone layer, which we can comfortably call Aura.

Orgone energy

Due to various harmful radiations, both from the surface of the planet and from space, the ozone, i.e. the planet's aura, is disturbed and holes are created that have a harmful effect on people and on all life on earth. The planet is getting sick. The same happens with all living beings if the aura is damaged. By thinking like this, we come to the conclusion that the human aura and the Earth's aura are the same, although it does not seem so at first glance, and it is very important to clean the Earth's orgone in the same way as the human's. Until we start cleaning the Earth's orgone, we will hardly be able to clean and keep our own orgone clean.

Only with a conscious state can we start the search for pure orgone and the way to get it.

In search of such pure, uncontaminated energy, people went back through history and looked for ways and solutions by touching the old shamanic Indians who knew about orgone and used it. They lived in harmony with nature and respected it. Followed the changes on Earth and in the universe. They understood that the Earth as such has the strength and power to clean itself, i.e. to heal itself in a natural way. Through such study, they saw that some places on Earth produce their own pure orgone and that there is no pollution in those places. These are places where crystals live in their natural environment, mixed with the earth and various natural metals that are in it. Respecting the Earth as a mother who gives them life and everything necessary for that life, they had an obligation to help Mother Earth in those places where she could not help herself. They took crystals and metals from the Earth and placed them where there was no such structure. The problem was that crystals and metals were not bound, so they looked for the most natural ways of binding. The plants that were around them produced their own resin, natural and permeable. By connecting crystals, metals and natural resin, they got the appropriate result. They made a purifier that was later called ORGONITE.

ORGONITE is a smaller or larger transformer made of natural materials, crystals, metal sawdust and resin. The orgonite transformer transforms such impure energy (DOR) into positive energy (POR). Due to their composition and way of stacking, sawdust and crystals, it is not necessary to clean the crystals inside the orgonite because they clean themselves due to the strong chaos.

Einstein himself knew about the concept of orgone, but due to the great pressure he did not study it enough. Higher importance was given to orgone energy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (who was familiar with the work of Anton Mesmer) who managed to prove the existence of this energy with his experiments. dr. Wilhelm Reich was born on May 24, 1897. in Austria-Hungary, where he grew up on a rural farm, and then enrolled in medical school. In the 1920s, Dr. Reich was already considered the successor of Sigmund Freud because of his contributions to the field of psychoanalysis.

In the 1930s, Reich's studies in the field of biogenesis - the origin of life - were, according to many, worthy of a Nobel Prize. In the forties in the United States, Dr. Reich announced that he had found a new form of energy that he claimed permeated all space and life, including the vacuum. He began to write about a new paradigm in physics in which energy, not matter, is primary. Then Dr. Reich began experimenting in the field of climate modification, that is, weather conditions. These experiments seemed to attract the attention of certain luminous objects of unknown origin that Reich claimed were highly advanced machines operated by non-human ("extraterrestrial") intelligence. All this obviously threatened the American powers that had great financial influence not only in America but also in the whole world.

So the US government came down on him with a series of investigations that ended with his arrest and imprisonment. dr. Wilhelm Reich died on November 3, 1957. in an American state prison where he was imprisoned on the charge that he violated  interstate commerce laws in connection with the transportation of one of his scientific discoveries, which he called the Orgone Energy Accumulator. A year before his death, officials of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) destroyed all of Reich's accumulators in his laboratory, which was stationed in Rangeley, Maine. The FDA also burned all of Reich's books and research papers.

Those who think that the Inquisition was active only in the Middle Ages are greatly mistaken. Giordano Bruno was once burned at the stake for claiming that the earth is round, and Wilhelm Reich was relatively recently died in prison and his books burned for his claim about the existence of orgone energy. Today, this inquisition is more active than ever before, only that now it uses different methods, in order to regulate the state of our consciousness and thus determine the reality in which we will live.

Orgonites can work successfully without crystals. However, married couple Carol and Don Croft noticed that adding crystals to orgonite significantly increased its effect. Furthermore, due to the squeezing of the resin, the crystal is exposed to pressure and a piezoelectric effect is created, which causes the emission of negative ions that are beneficial to health. Therefore, crystals are added as standard to all orgonite devices today. Unfortunately, due to the ingrained human need to nurture one's ego, to be the most beautiful, the fastest, the strongest, and to suffer if one does not receive recognition for one's work, crystals are literally stuffed into orgonites without any reason. The most important thing to point out is that orgonite is exclusively a mixture of metal and resin, and crystal is only a desirable, but not necessary addition. The best are the simplest orgonites with only one type of crystal and in the smallest amount possible.


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