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UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), UFO, flying saucer, light ship or whatever you want to call it - is actually a space/time "machine" that uses hyperdimensional technology, so it's normal that it can do all kinds of things... "travel" at high speed (perhaps it is "locked" in time, and the rest around it "travels in a normal flow", so it seems to you that it makes "abnormal and fast trajectories"), emits various sounds or is completely silent, shines with a strange light, appears and disappears. .. so that has become completely NORMAL !!! Travel "through" time has long been feasible, and since most aliens are not confined in our 3rd density, they do not even have linear time, so they can selectively choose "when" and where to "appear". And that's not all. According to the testimony of the abductees, the inside of the ship looks very large and there are all kinds of things inside that the abductees see and the aliens use. The same ship looks very small from the outside. Yes, it is possible because outside is 3rd density and the laws of 3rd density where we live, and inside the ship is usually 4th density and its laws. 1 meter in our 3rd density is a completely different thing than 1 meter in 4th density, that is, it is not a linear dimension there. ( Do not confuse dimension and density!!! ). Density has infinitely many dimensions that are "lateral". But we won't talk about it in detail here.

The physical laws that rule in our time/space do not apply to them because they use the laws of other densities. We perceive the universe as a 3D space, but it seems to have a lot more "hidden" things than we can even dream of. For example one question that is basic: the wave propagates if it is in some medium (sound in the air, otherwise if it is in a vacuum - we don't hear it; light also - photons, etc...). But we were taught at school that all the planets, the sun, the moon, comets... are surrounded by a vacuum?!? So how do we see the sun??? The sun emits light waves, so how do they reach us through "nothing" (vacuum)? Something is not right here - already at the beginning of our physics! However, there is something in that vacuum... Or maybe everything is made of some special structure that we are not yet aware of?

Then, there is something basic that is "faster" than the speed of light. How is it that the light coming from the Sun takes approx. 8 minutes to arrive, and if a major eruption and anomaly occurs on the Sun, we feel it on Earth IMMEDIATELY? Well of course - GRAVITY - works instantly through all media and densities simultaneously. They say she is 7th density consciousness. It permeates absolutely everything, other events depend on it, so it seems to be a medium that transmits various information in the form of light, sound, energy, etc. That's why UFOs can go faster than the speed of light, because speed is only the limit of our 3rd density , and in higher ones it means nothing because time does not exist as a linear time.

You have a lot of information on this topic on the Internet, so now I won't list their operating system here, but I will only give a link where they describe in detail one "ship" and it seems to me only one type used by the "Greys" and which are the servants of the Reptilians who " send" to our "harder" area in which we live.


Hybrid of humans 

In the case of "hybridization" of humans and animals, it is an intervention on the structure of their genome. We do this on animals and plants, in order to get from them those characteristics that are desirable for US (which does not mean for them at the same time). Also, there are many indications that some extraterrestrial species have been hybridizing humans for centuries. Once upon a time, these hybrid children were called 'changellings' in the English-speaking world, while today they are marketed as indigo, crystal, etc. Just like before, it is still very difficult today to recognize whether a child is "normal" or " hybrid", considering that "normal" is a rather subjective term, while there is no physical difference.

According to some sources, hybrid children, that is, people have a strong OPS frequency, that is, traits that are characteristic of our 3D narcissists and classic psychopaths, regardless of their high IQ. So, if this is so, they will try to impose their personal delusions, attitudes and opinions on others in order to control them, and they would be obsessed with themselves and controlling others. They will not tolerate their spiritual concepts or ideologies being called into question, especially open opposition. And he will "know" everything. Although we all project more or less, with them the projection will be much more pronounced, which will leave them very little room for perception. However, they will consider their personal projections as perception, that is, objective reality and will expect others not only to look at things similarly, but to serve and admire them.

So something similar to the mental profile of Jehovah from the Old Testament!? He has "supernatural" abilities, and - a psychopath in his essence.

In this regard, the same sources believe that this is about the engineering of humanoid bodies that would be occupied by reptilian beings before the transition to 4D, which should happen soon. These bodies are supposedly designed to handle their slightly more intense OPS frequency, which normal human bodies are unable to do. (Some even think that indigo non-smokers will be the most sought after, which is of course unverifiable, like everything else!?)

According to other sources, this is about a selfless help of our cosmic brothers in our evolution. Among other things, they also help us by secretly repairing our genome in order to help us overcome difficulties on our development path, including increased radiation after some kind of cosmic disaster (such as a comet impact). This concept has been quite popular lately, and the Hollywood disinfo-industry tried to spread it a little more widely with the help of Spielberg, i.e. his "Taken" series. Isn't that sweet and smart girl from that series doesn't meet the criteria of an indigo or crystal child?!

Still others claim that it is about securing the psychopathic component of humanity that should rule in the next round of 300,000 years, as this current team has managed to do so far (so, only about 6% of psychopaths among the normal population is all that is needed for this ). The task of that component is to provide a system of life on this planet through their rule, in which normal people will emit sufficient amounts of negative emotional energy that their 4D-mentors feed on (so, the same as before).

The situation on the ground is complicated by the fact that many of the abductees had the opportunity to see their offspring on alien ships, which were quite different from humans, although they had more or less humanoid characteristics. These are supposed to be slightly fiercer hybrids that are designed to live on the 4D plane of existence and as such cannot survive in 3D, on planet earth.

And finally, according to the fourth, so-called To the 'NAB theory' (New-Age Bullshit), hybridization does not exist, neither do malignant aliens, we are all one, one is all, there is only love and we in it, ("love is all that is and everything else is an illusion ", including psychopaths, of course), every evil that we see is only our personal projection, and now the times are coming for our ascension, where we will be helped by the so-called resurrected masters and newly composed children, most of whom in the meantime have already grown up and are well versed in NAB. There may also be a few Maitreyas who will provide us with great help in our enlightenment and ascension. In short, - one beauty!

At the end of the day, none of these theories have to be true. I think there is only one way to identify who is who, and who will be who in this whole mess. Of course, it is about recognizing individuals according to the FRUITS of their work and behavior and not based on their appearance, the color of their aura, "paranormal" abilities or what they say and what they promise.

James Bartley is the author of the book Dulce Wars, and it can also be said that he is a member of a small team of UFO phenomenon and abduction researchers, which also includes Barbara Bartholic, Eve Lorgen, J.L. Walden and others to which Karla Turner and Marianne Friedman belonged while they were alive. During the long-term research of this phenomenon, the members of this team reached conclusions that are the opposite of the usual concept - "secret assistance in our evolution by our cosmic brothers". This is one of the interesting interviews on the topic of "hybrid", which Bartley published here:

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