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 Cryptocurrencies are hyped due to their high gains and dont forget losses. 

There are many more other cryptocurrencies out there on the market besides Bitcoin, which are called “Altcoins”, some of these even have greater daily gains than bitcoin itself. Investors with very high risk appetite seem to enjoy the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The simple definition goes something like this: A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is designed to make online transactions extremely secure, but!

Hype is increasing as people who have made coins pay for youtube videos, twitter posts, instagram posts, reddit posts, and all possible social networks available to a wide audience, to launch hype. Once it starts it behaves like a snowball down a mountain.

That's why the hype always happens around cheap coins, of which when a normal person buys them in millions, he feels like a millionaire for at least a minute, with the promise that he will become one when the price rises.That is why in slang we sometimes call these coins "shi*coins".

You can make a lot more on coins that are cheap and have room to grow, than on coins that are already expensive and require a much bigger marketcap to increase its price. Of course, the price depends on the supply and demand on the market, which is why a hype is created around some coins in order to increase the demand and therefore the price of the coin itself can go up in a large amount.

At the time of writing the biggest crypto exchange is Binance, and if you haven't you can register and create an account and become part of the community.

But to return to the essence in order to better understand what it is all about!

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. Bitcoin is the most famous example and was the first cryptocurrency to be invented. It was created as a neutral currency that people from multiple countries could trade. Until the invention of Bitcoin, all currencies were government created.(that is the main problem).Goverments dont like assets wich they can control, and of course there is a matter of taxes. 

You can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using an online cryptocurrency exchange. These are available as sites and as apps, but the best way to make an investment decision is to educate yourself. (read articles and online sources for information) Cryptocurrencies can be a risky investment. Given that they’re still a relatively new investment instrument, people are still working out what triggers them to rise and fall. Educating yourself could be worthwhile before getting involved – especially if you’re investing a lot of money into crypto., my advice is to start small. Lately, more and more people are entering the crypto, only about 4.5% have entered the crypto, when more people enter and when more large investors enter, the market should become less volatile according to economic theory.

So there will be fewer ups and downs of each currency, it is not normal for 100% of a currency to grow. In the future, there must be regulations for crypto to be accepted by most countries, the problem of all states and governments is that too much private capital has already entered the unregulated market from which they do not collect taxes. The introduction of BTC in the balance sheets adjusts the amount of the current state of a currency in the market, which it reflects at a higher level than the shares that have been part of the capital in the balance sheets so far.

The problem is tax collection, there is currently a struggle at the end of the fiscal year whether to collect the difference in price from the time of purchase until the time of tax return, which is not logical, and between the fact that the tax is paid when a crypto is sold, which is logical. But it is a problem for the states that it can take years for no taxes to be paid. It is this eternal dilemma between private money, fast earnings, privacy and tax collection. In countries with high tax rates, it is practically encouraged to avoid it, which is not good, a balance needs to be struck so that each investor agrees to pay a certain amount that seems fair and equitable to him. One saying is true that capital is the most intimidating thing in the world :) and that is true, and it always finds ways to avoid its shedding.

That is why regulators are not always the most educated people in society and do not look far ahead from the creation of money to the present day, as evidenced by this inflation that has affected the whole world. And that is one of the reasons why capital is fleeing to crypto and real estate. Here, too, a balance needs to be struck between high interest rates and avoiding a recession. If interest rates rise sharply, money will become more expensive and money will become more expensive, more inaccessible to companies, and the very difficulty of getting new fresh money will cause companies problems and a recession.The market, like any other, has demand and supply, its own indicators, but in it the big ones will always earn more than the small ones. Big players have more influence and currently due to volatility they can even influence prices and earn that way. down, that is why small investors feel helpless.Therefore, small investors should avoid small market cap projects and research well what they will invest in. In the past it happened that one investor could sell a large quantity to bring down the price and buy the same coin again, this is not regulated here, unlike the stock exchange.Many regulators have yet to enter into force with the introduction of KYC, the influence of fraudsters has been slightly reduced, although there are still various factors that only serve to attract investors and disappear. It happens that despite many insurances, the exchange offices are hacked, so we are nowhere safe.

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