Knowledge Is a Currency Of The Universe


Aristotle's Metaphysics deals with the being of the being with the fact that the being cannot exist without the being, and the being exists through the being and they form unity. Ideas exist in individual things and not outside of them.

According to Aristotle, reality is explained on the basis of four principles:

Material cause - matter

Formal cause (form, form or idea)

Active cause (movement)

Final cause or purpose

Reality is matter that has an idea and is moving towards a goal. According to Aristotle, the first physicists discovered the material and active cause. Plato added a formal cause or idea and what Aristotle adds is the final cause or purpose of reality.

Matter is the basis, what undergoes change, what changes. It is passive because it cannot change on its own, it changes thanks to a form or idea that is an active principle (an idea shapes matter). Every matter has its own form, some form. The unity of matter and form is substance. Every single thing is a unity of matter and form. (A substance exists in a categorical way, a certain quality, quantity (it is in time, space ...). Matter has a constant tendency to change into its form, to take shape, and that transition is movement. Movement is actually change. Movement is actually the transition of the potential into the current state. We are what we are but at the same time what we should be. Life is the transformation of the potential into the current state. All of nature exists in this way. In Man, the formal principle is reason. Indeterminate stone - that is what is current, raw material, potentially a work of art, it needs form, form and cause and movement towards the goal, purpose. Every single thing and reality as a whole has a purpose of existence. That inner purpose of things (mover, action) is called entalechy. Nature exists in its own way - the teleological way of existence (telos = goal).

The goal of the existence of reality is pure form, perfection, and that is God as the most active principle. God is the greatest degree of existence and the greatest degree of knowledge. Every engagement in science brings us closer to the cause of all causes, the reason of all reasons, the opinion of all opinions. Entelechy drives us to meet God. The goal of knowledge is to meet God. Aristotle's notion of God is not (Christian) personalized, but something abstract. Man's destiny is reflected in the fact that he connects heaven and matter. In man we have both matter and form.

Metaphysics (medieval Latin metaphysica from Greek):

1) in philosophy: a branch of philosophy that deals with the mental cognition of things or concepts outside the space-time (physical, sensory) reality; a philosophical discipline that discusses the first, basic principles of everything that exists, that is, phenomena that are beyond the limits of experience, beyond space-time reality, considering them eternal, unchangeable; according to Aristotle, "the science of the first principles and the first causes";

2) supernatural, supersensible;

3) any general, abstract, difficult to understand theory.

Metaphysics explores what is first and what is last ... What is being, essence, happening, movement, form, matter, substance, cause, purpose and so on. Aristotle defined his so-called first philosophy precisely as the teaching of the first sources and causes of being; she asks about being as being. Metaphysics got its name later because the students of Aristotle classified his first philosophy after physics (metaphysics) ... It is therefore the science of what is on the other side of the physical (on the other side of the variable), or what is beings belong by their essence. Metaphysics is divided into ontology, cosmology, anthropology and theology.

Outside our material world, beyond our usual rules, limitations, and assumptions we make, there is a greater spiritual reality operating under a set of higher principles that can help us step out of stupidity, strife, and bondage. Knowledge that is limited only to the physical world and related to the flaws of our 5 senses, is not enough to achieve freedom.Metaphysics is the science of higher knowledge, deeper truths about life. We can only recognize these higher truths about life and adapt to them if we rise above the old ways of behaving and merge with the new ones that have unimaginably wonderful possibilities.

Everything is the mind

everything is consciousness, and all consciousness has a unique source. It is the ultimate center, the initiator of all causes, the core of the observer, the one who decides consciousness is a dreamer (Creator), dreamers (individualized consciousness) and the realm of sleep (matter, energy, space and time). There is no difference between reality and dream except that reality involves a mass consciousness that keeps the rules of reality rigid, and in dreams usually only the personal subconscious does so. As thought forms the basis of an object in dreams, so the form of thought forms the basis of matter in the weakening of reality.

Creation is infinite, made of a united unlimited being (Creator) and its expressions as an infinite variation of finite beings. In other words, the Creator is an infinite being who expresses his infinite potentials through an infinite number of finite avenues. As the paths of individual evolution begin and end — beginning as the first stirring of consciousness among primary matter and ending as a harmonious union with the Creator — a great experiment working on itself is without beginning and end because there are an infinite number of those paths.

Because all life shares the same source, is connected and has the same importance. Only the expression of the mentioned source distinguishes one type of life form from another. In order to differentiate degrees, each life form is endowed with free will, the potential ability to choose independently of the choice of a being of another species. Free will adds a factor of more possibilities that makes a large experiment interesting instead of boring and deterministic.

Existence is both holographic and fractal in nature. It is holographic in the sense that all possibilities exist simultaneously and out of time, while our individual consciousness mixes with the static model and this generates the illusion of dynamic experiences. In other words, we are the ones moving through the static model, the realm of the Creator’s dream. Existence is fractal in the sense that free will requires discontinuities and unacceptable complexities in that static network of possibilities. A fractal exists as a static model created from deterministic equations, but because of the infinite complexity of the fractal, its exploration by the conscious observer becomes a nondeterministic affair. And so the game of life can be characterized by free will even if the “player board” is itself static and deterministic.

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